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Get An ESA Letter Online From Anywhere In the USA

[PRESSWIRE] San Francisco, USA - July 17, 2018 -- EZ Care Medical Clinic can now provide Emotional Support Animals (ESA) Letters to individuals who need them and who live within any of the U.S. 50 states. Your emotional support animal is a close companion that should be able to accompany you anywhere you go, and EZ Care Medical Clinic can help make that happen.  

PSI Services wins contract to deliver professional skills tests for teachers

[PRESSWIRE] London, United Kingdom – 17 July, 2018 –- PSI Services (UK) Limited (PSI), a global workforce solutions provider with over 70 years’ experience in assessment and talent measurement, today announced that it has been awarded the contract by the Department for Education to deliver the professional skills tests for prospective teachers.

核工業での電子ビーム溶接の出現 - 実行可能性

核工業内では、「厚い断面」の溶接コンポーネントは、コスト効率の良い様々なプロセスがあります。しかし、材料中の残余の磁気の存在&#12 364;、これらのプロセスの有効なアプリケーションを妨害していました。長年、核工業全体でより広く使用することができる適切なプロセスを 見つけることが目標でした。たとえ、核内出力が低くても、これらのコンポーネントの重大な性質から安全なソリューションが要求されて&#12 365;ました。



[PRESSWIRE] 在核工业中,焊接“厚壁”部件可通过经济有效的各种工艺完成,但材料中残留磁性物质阻碍了这些工艺的有效应用。多年来,我们的目标是&#2521 4;出一种可以在核工业中更广泛使用的适当工艺。尽管核工业内的输出量低,但这些组件安全性至上需要我们找出一个解决方案.

Рентабельно ли применение электронно-лучевой сварки в ядерной энергетике?

[PRESSWIRE] London, United Kingdom – 16 July, 2018 -- Сваривание «толстостенных» компонентов для ядерной промышленности может осуществляться с использованием разных низкозатратных технологий, но остаточная намагниченность материалов делает их применение малоэффективным. Поиски подходящих технологий, которые могли бы использоваться в ядерной энергетике в более широких масштабах, ведутся многие годы. Несмотря на то, что объемы сварочных работ в ядерной промышленности небольшие, необходимо найти соответствующее решение в связи с высокими требованиями к безопасности сварных компонентов.

Die Einführung des Elektronenstrahlschweißens in der Nuklearindustrie – ein gangbares Verfahren?

[PRESSWIRE] London, United Kingdom – 16 July, 2018 -- In der Nuklearindustrie kann das Verschweißen „dickwandiger" Bauteile mittels verschiedener kosteneffizienter Verfahren erfolgen, wobei sich das Vorhandensein von Restmagnetismus in den Materialien jedoch nachteilig auf die effektive Anwendung dieser Verfahren ausgewirkt hat. Seit vielen Jahren hat man versucht, ein geeignetes Verfahren zu finden, das auf breiterer Basis in der gesamten Nuklearindustrie angewandt werden kann. Auch wenn die Produktionsleistung in der Nuklearindustrie gering ist, so ist in Anbetracht der sicherheitskritischen Eigenschaft dieser Bauteile eine Lösung erforderlich.

El surgimiento de la Soldadura por Haz de Electrones en la industria nuclear, ¿es viable?

[PRESSWIRE] London, United Kingdom – 16 July, 2018 -- Dentro de la industria nuclear, la soldadura de componentes de "sección gruesa" se pude llevar a cabo a través de varios procesos que resultan rentables, pero la presencia de magnetismo residual en los materiales ha dificultado la aplicación efectiva de estos procesos. Durante muchos años el objetivo ha sido encontrar un proceso adecuado que se pueda utilizar más ampliamente en la industria nuclear. Aunque la producción nuclear es baja, la naturaleza crítica de la seguridad de estos componentes exige una solución.

The emergence of Electron Beam Welding in the nuclear industry – Is it viable?

[PRESSWIRE] London, United Kingdom – 16 July, 2018 -- Within the Nuclear industry welding of “thick section” components can be completed through various processes that are cost-effective, but the presence of residual magnetism in the materials has hindered the effective application of these processes. For many years the aim has been to find a suitable process that can be used more widely across the Nuclear industry. Even though output within nuclear is low, the safety critical nature of these components demands a solution.

Deep Sea in the grand aquarium Poema del Mar - an exhibition with the largest curved window in the world

[PRESSWIRE] Las Palmas de Gran Canaria - 10 July, 2018 -- The gran aquarium Poema del Mar, recently opened in the heart of Gran Canaria, Canary Islands, offers its visitors a unique opportunity - a trip to the very depths of the ocean with its Deep Sea exhibition, featuring the world's largest curved window, 36 metres wide, 7.35 metres high and 39 centimetres thick.

Traditional Indian medicines can cause membranous nephropathy (MN)

[PRESSWIRE] Parma  - 10 July, 2018 -- An Indian working group published five cases of nephrotic syndrome caused by MN with evidence of chronic mercury poisoning due to consumption of traditional Indian medicines such as Siddha and Ayurveda. The article was published in “Clinical Kidney Journal” (ckj), an official journal of the ERA-EDTA. “As long as there are no strict quality controls for substances used in traditional medicine, we have to warn our patients: Mercury poisoning can lead to MN as well as to many other severe health problems, affecting the brain, the gut and the kidneys."