Media Contact Database

Our media contact database offers a powerful and comprehensive resource for businesses and individuals alike, looking to establish meaningful connections with media outlets worldwide. With an extensive collection of around a million editorial opportunities, our industry-leading system is continuously updated to provide public relations agencies and communications departments with the latest and most relevant data to get the coverage you require.

For communications departments seeking to expand their company’s reach with a business message, our media contact database is the ultimate answer. With easily exportable contact information and frequent updates, our service gives you direct access to the most relevant business correspondents and analysts in any field, to utilise as you wish.

The Benefits

Using our all-in-one PR outreach service offers numerous benefits. Powerful and intuitive east to use tools enable you to search for and identify comprehensive and relevant editorial information. You can even seamlessly integrate your existing contacts into contact lists, using our flagship product, lead to powerful media placement opportunities and avoiding duplication.

Our media contact database encompasses a wide range of media outlets, including regional and national newspapers, magazines, trade and consumer media, television, radio, and online press and blogs. By utilizing our database, you gain instant access to a wealth of editorial opportunities, allowing you to effectively target media outlets and reach your desired audience.

At Presswire, we understand the importance of flexibility when it comes to managing media contacts during a campaign. That’s why our media contact database includes the ability to export contact information into whatever third-party system you wish to use, if you prefer to use your own. With just a few clicks, you can ensure that our contact data gets integrated into your own distribution system so your messages reach the most pertinent correspondents covering any vertical, your way.

Our media contact database empowers users to precisely identify target publications and media outlets. With detailed search functionaly, you can filter and refine your selections based on various criteria such as location, industry, publication type, and more. This enables you to tailor your communication strategy and maximize the impact of your media outreach efforts.

Our media contact database seamlessly integrates with your existing contact data to rule out ‘double-sending’ and duplication. You can upload and combine your own contact information with our database, ensuring that your press releases and announcements can be sent to both your internal contacts and our extensive network of media personnel. This streamlines your communication process and strengthens your media relations outreach.