Presswire IS YOUR trusted Public Relations and Communications partner

Presswire is a trusted name in Public Relations services, founded in 2001 and registered in the United Kingdom to serve private and public sector clients, worldwide.

Presswire's market-leading solutions are used by leading Blue-Chip Firms, Financial, Legal, Technology and Marketing sectors, as well as Educational Institutions and Governments.Our Press Release Distribution platform provides highly-effective targeting via our comprehensive Global Media Contact Database, Online Syndication and Wire Distribution.

Quick, accurate press release distribution and regulatory disclosure

Presswire's PR Suite and Media Services offer the Public Relations and Communications industry an innovative solution to Press Release Distribution, Media Contacts Sourcing and Management, and Media Monitoring.

Our constantly-updated Media Contacts Database comprises around 850,000 global media contacts, with some of the most competitive pricing in the market.Our online newswire system makes it easy to upload press releases in any language, with embedded images and videos. Add-ons include Translation, Geo-targeting and Media Monitoring to pinpoint pick-up, worldwide.

Our Press Release Distribution offers Tracking Reports, showing you who read your press releases, allowing you to measure analytics and follow-up with your key recipients.Presswire Media Monitoring services provide you with Print and Online media coverage results in all languages - as they happen, or going back up to 25 years.

Delivery Policy

A Tracking Report is available after distribution, showing interaction with recipients, and their contact details.Our Google News and Press Association WIRE Distribution is instantaneous.

Translation into multiple different languages within 24 hours, and geo-targeted distribution thereafter.
Presswire's Online Syndication service publishes releases onto over 400+ global news sites within hours.

Cancellation, Return and Refund Policy

A Press Release Distribution request can be canceled by the same customers who placed the order within 30 minutes of successful receipt of that Press Release by the Presswire team, via a request by telephone to the phone number provided in Customer Services, as below.In most circumstances, it is not possible to make changes to a press release after you have submitted it to us for distribution and we have distributed it, other than to alter or remove it from websites we have direct ownership or control over. The customer is 100% responsible for all of the content within their release on submission, including all code, such as html, and any links.If you would like to have a press release completely removed from our websites, please advise us of this via the Customer Service Contact provided below.

The timeframe for raising a claim for a refund is within 24 hours of purchase, and each case will be judged by the Presswire team on its merits, however, if a Press Release has been successfully processed by the team and distributed in accordance with the instructions of the client, no refund will be due.In some cases where the Press Release has not been distributed with 24 hours of successful receipt by the Presswire team, and there was no embargo on that press release, Presswire will consider an application from a customer who requests a refund.

If Presswire's investigation into a claim request finds Presswire has acted without error in providing services ordered by the customer and the customer begins a chargeback from their bank or payment facilitator, then Presswire will consider that the customer is attempting theft or to defraud it and will pursue the company and / or individual concerned to the maximum extent of the law.

Privacy Policy

Presswire collects, uses, stores and processes customer information and financial details and customer's credit card details from time-to-time, but does not retain credit card information digitally or by hardcopy after a transaction is completed. Presswire complies with Payment Card Industry (PCI) Data Security Standards and destroys any record of credit card information, if taken by Presswire staff, as soon as is practicable.

Presswire Customer Service Contact

We strive to provide all our valued clients with impeccable customer service, fast delivery, and comprehensive reporting.Dedicated account managers ensure the best possible service, whether you are building media lists using our database, for a global campaign, or just sending a one-off release.If you have any questions about our services, please contact our customer service department at:

(Please note that Distribution Support and After-Sales Support is via email / ticket only).