Comprehensive Press Release Distribution Services

At Presswire, we offer industry-leading press release distribution services that are designed to maximize the visibility and impact of your news. Our comprehensive approach ensures that your press releases are sent directly to the journalists most likely to write about them, increasing your chances of getting valuable media coverage.

Targeted Distribution to Relevant Journalists

Our press release distribution service is tailored to your specific needs. We create bespoke lists for each individual release from our live media contacts database, which contains over half a million editorial opportunities across a wide range of media outlets. This includes regional and national newspapers, magazines (trade and consumer), TV, radio, and online platforms. With our extensive database, we can identify and target the journalists who are most interested in covering news related to your industry or topic. This targeted approach ensures that your press releases reach the right people and have a higher chance of being picked up by media outlets.

Before sending out your press releases, our team of editors thoroughly reviews and checks each release for typos, spelling mistakes, broken links, corrupt formatting, and missing images. This attention to detail ensures that your message is always delivered in a professional and faultless manner.

We also perform test sends to guarantee that your press releases reach the recipients’ inbox folders and avoid spam or junk filters. This ensures that your news doesn’t get lost and increases the likelihood of journalists opening and reading your press releases.

At Presswire, we go beyond traditional distribution channels. In addition to sending your press releases directly to targeted journalists, we can also push your news onto major news wire platforms such as Google News, The Press Association, Thomson Reuters, and Lexis Nexus.

Furthermore, we syndicate press releases across our network of 400 news sites and promote them on social media platforms. This provides you with maximum online visibility and exposure for your news. Additionally, we provide permanent links to your press releases, boosting your search engine rankings and driving traffic to your website.

Our unique tracking system enables us to monitor the performance of your press releases. We can then show you who opens your releases, how many times they are read, how long they are read for, and whether they are forwarded to others. This valuable data allows you to compare the success of different releases and identify key targets for follow-up.

With our tracking reports, you’ll have a roadmap for following up with journalists who have shown interest in your messages. The reports provide detailed insights into recipient behavior, including names, positions, publication titles, and contact information where available. This enables you to strengthen your relationships with journalists and increase your chances of securing media coverage.

Why Choose Us?

Our comprehensive press release distribution service ensures that your news reaches the right journalists in their own languages, anywhere in the world, by using our translation and geo-targetted distribution services. With our targeted distribution, expert editing, wide syndication, tracking, and competitive pricing, we provide a one-stop solution for all your press release needs, however diverse their requirements are.

Contact us today to discuss your press release distribution expectations so we can exceed them and get your news in front of the people who matter most to your campaigns.