Media Monitoring Service & Media Tracking Tools

media monitoring services and media tracking tools for your brand mentions

How often do you turn to mass media to monitor services or products that your organisation offers? If you regularly do that as part of your brand-building campaign, you probably know how beneficial those insights are for all your endeavours. However, if you still take your media presence for granted, an endless variety of opportunities remain untapped. The great news is that Presswire is in a position to help you change the situation for the better.

We take pride in having developed a technologically advanced web and print press monitoring service that unlocks insights you’ve never had access to before. Our system is designed to provide you with clippings from various media outlets, including trade publications, newspapers and subscription-only websites. Once you are set up on our monitoring system, you will always know what mentions your company receives.

What is so special about Presswire’s news clipping service?

Just like our press release distribution services, this monitoring system has a lot to offer private businesses and government organisations.

Key features include:

  • Enormous monitoring capabilities. Nearly 30,000 channels (print outlets, web resources, broadcast networks, etc.) are observed 24/7 to spot mentions by key phrases, brand names or stock symbols. There are no location limits, meaning that our system monitors outlets all over the world – be it in English or Portuguese. It even covers content that often remains out of reach, such as subscription-only websites and paywalls.
  • Regular reporting. Our press clippings service helps you stay in the know about everything that relates to your company. Use this information to your advantage by setting up and scheduling regular reports. This way, you will be provided with analytics data on all your mentions: daily, fortnightly or monthly.
  • Article retrieval option. If you want to hark back to the late 1990s to research clippings from any outlet, you can rely on our newspaper monitoring service to scan everything published for the last 25 years. With Presswire, you can retrieve any news or feature article that has been published and export it in Word or PDF format.
  • Highly accurate clippings. Unlike automated news monitoring services, Presswire uses people when it comes to keeping an eye on search functionality. When utilising our system, you can rest assured that the risk of missing important articles or receiving irrelevant or duplicate clippings is minimised as all results are double-checked by your account manager before you receive them.

Uses for our media monitoring service

Add Presswire’s clipping system to your PR tools because it allows you to identify a world of new opportunities, including:

  • keeping track of public attitudes towards your company or products;
  • managing your reputation and find new ways to build it up;
  • capturing your media exposure to identify your strengths and weaknesses;
  • getting business intelligence reports to have the edge over your competitors;
  • measuring the effectiveness of your marketing and communication campaigns.

It’s time to stay informed of the mentions you receive. With Presswire, that’s now easier than ever before!