Soufiane Eddyani and Klikit Games Join in Cross Media Project

Development studio Klikit Games and Soufiane Eddyani will present the new project after the launch of Soufiane’s new song and video clip ‘MAMACITA’ ( ) on Wednesday September 26th.

Belgium singer and rapper Soufiane Eddyiani (1998, Antwerp) kick started his career in 2016 by launching his first singles and video clips ‘God vergeef me’ (God forgive me) and ‘Terug in de tijd’ (Back in time), which have been viewed almost 16 million and 9 million times already on YouTube, respectively. His vlogs and videos are viewed by millions of people and he performed with hip-hop platform 101Barz and famous rappers like Dutch artist Ali B.

New mobile game Klikit Original was launched this summer after a long period of testing. The game can be played by 2-4 players, who compete for points by collecting tiles. Klikit Games aims for people to play with their friends, by logging in with their Facebook account. Aligning the app with Facebook enhances the gaming experience. For instance, because Facebook friends who download Klikit automatically appear in the app’s friends list. Players can also play against people from all over the world through the social media platform.

“Most games on your smartphone you play by yourself. What makes Klikit Original special is that you can play it with your friends, who you can invite through the ‘invite friends function’,” says founder and creator, Geert Leysen of The Klikit Company. “Also, we don’t shoot anything or take other players out. That explains our slogan: make friends, not victims. That is a different approach of a game.” Klikit also wants to combine gaming and music. That’s why it has made its own Official Game Music Song and Video ‘Klikit – so amazing’.

When Soufiane Eddyani played Klikit Original, he liked it immediately. Both Soufiane and Klikit Games strongly believe that music and gaming are interacted and people should make more time for gaming with friends, while enjoying music. That’s why they joined forces in the new cross media project. After Soufiane’s new release he will tell more about the project through his social media channels, for instance on Instagram.

App review site AlphaDigits recently reviewed Klikit and said it was like playing Candy Crush, but better and with more milestones to meet and challenges to compete for. ,”Candy Crush is a big name, so it’s an honour to be compared with that, but the games are not the same at all. Also, our game wants to combine multiple forms of entertainment on multiple platforms,” Leysen says.

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