Integritie Gift Anti-Cyber Bullying Software to Police and Schools Worldwide


Integritie is gifting to all schools and police worldwide anti-cyber bullying and crime fighting software.<--break-><br />

The tragic case of Rebecca Sedwick , a 12 year old girl who committed suicide as a result of cyber bullying was highlighted to Integritie, leading to the development of SMC4 Observer to help turn the tide of cyber bullying.

Cyber Bullying  is when a person is tormented, harassed, humiliated, embarrassed, threatened, or targeted by another person using interactive online technologies and applications from cell phones, computers and tablets. Interactive technologies include such tools as Facebook, Twitter,, Instagram and other social media communication tools and mobile devices (iPad / Android devices) such as cell phone, Blackberry and smart phone communication applications such as text messages, SMS, MSN, Google, Blackberry IM, chat tools etc.

Michael Veenswyk , CEO Integritie, comments ‘I was concerned by the statistics regarding the acceleration of social media crime and cyber bullying related death. I could not ignore this accelerating issue, making it an easy decision for Integritie to gift police and schools our anti cyber bullying software to help fight back against cyber bullies and reduce child deaths related to cyber bullying.’

The popularity of interactive technologies enables young people to connect with their friends and family at any time of the day via their cell phones and laptops. This 24/7 access however causes problems when cyber bullies decide to harass a child as the abuse can occur at any time, day or night. Quite often bullies that are causing problems at school will look to social media to continue the abuse outside of school hours. As a result of 24/7 access to social media, this means that messages will often be viewed by the victim at home, which should be a safe place for them.

Veenswyk also adds, ‘Police and schools have a legal responsibility to adolescents and teens to control cyber bullying, but lack the tools.  Regainyourname  published a web report outlining the Cyber bully laws by country and state, highlighting what laws to quote and use when talking with schools, police and law enforcement about social media harassment, cyber bullying, stalking or threats.  

Integritie is gifting every Police and School worldwide a 100 user licence of SMC4 Observer, which takes only seconds for police, schools and students to opt in at

About SMC4 Observer

SMC4 Observer is a Cloud based social media real time monitoring and content analytics tool that highlights and escalates cyber bullying risks and crime to authorities, providing priority risk assessment and early warning signs regarding bullying, drug use, gang culture, health and other issues discussed via social media tools.

SMC4 also provides a real time console and reporting to enable police and school officials to deal with the cyber issues. SMC4 takes into account the frequency and severity of student’s posts and categorizes them based on the comprehensive SMC4 social media content analytics and risk levels associated to self harm, suicide, bullying, drugs, profanities, racism, sexism, hate, violence and other risks. SMC4 includes comprehensive social media communication archiving tools, keeping a secure record and archive of crime for Schools and Authorities to support legal procedures.

Veenswyk says, there is a ongoing debate regarding the USA NSA mass surveillance concerns, SMC4 resolves this by asking the police, schools and students to ‘opt in’ to supporting the end to cyber bullying.

About Integritie

Integritie, founded in 2000, with customers in 35 countries has developed industry leading image, social media and email capture automation solutions, and also provide a comprehensive content management and cloud service.

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