Benji downloads gone bananas


Due to the success on Android, Fingersoft released Benji Bananas on iOS today – and of course, it’s free! Benji Bananas, developed by Finnish TribeFlame Ltd., is a fun adventure game, where you play as Benji the monkey, swinging from vine to vine raking in as many bananas as possible. The gameplay is as simple as it gets: pressing anywhere on the screen makes Benji release and grab vines. Mastering the game, however, requires good timing and skill. Various challenges, power-ups and upgrades spice up the game, providing endless hours of action packed fun.  “I instantly loved Benji Bananas when I first saw it and thought our fans would enjoy it too. As the rating for the game at Google Play is currently 4.6 stars out of five I think my hunch was right”, says Toni Fingerroos, CEO of Fingersoft. “The positive experience with Benji Bananas has given us the confidence to keep publishing games. With a total of 100 million downloads for our releases we have an excellent foundation to succeed. We will strictly focus on fun gameplay since that has already become our trademark.”, Fingerroos concludes. About Fingersoft Fingersoft aims to provide fun content for mobile device owners. Together with other popular games & apps, such as Benji Bananas, Fingersoft currently gets over 600 000 average daily downloads, totaling around 100 million downloads all around the world. Games and apps are available for Android through Google Play and for iOS through Apple’s App Store. About Tribeflame Tribeflame is an indie game developer established in 2009. From the start, the company has focused on casual games that anyone can play. The company has launched 10 games through Apple’s App Store, and Google Play. Benji Bananas, published through Fingersoft is Tribeflame’s biggest hit to date. Benji Bananas statistics to date – Over 11 million downloads – Over 80 million played sessions Links Press materials: Benji Bananas – Google Play: Benji Bananas – Apple App Store: Please click on the image above for print-quality picture. Additional information Contact: Lee Stoddart Phone: +358 40 930 5465 E-mail: [email protected] ENDS