UPLTV Releases Latest Monthly Global Mobile Game Advertising Monetization Data Report


 [PRESSWIRE] SHANGHAI, March 19, 2018 -- UPLTV (www.upltv.com), focused on mobile game ad mediation, released its February 2018 Global Mobile Game Advertising Monetization Data Report.

This report is based on the data collected from over 30 million ad impressions on iOS and Android devices. Ad impressions are categorized based on casual, match-three, and casino games. For each category, the advertising monetization indicators eCPM (effective cost per mille) are collected and stats are generated based on ten key geographical regions: North America, Latin America, Western & Eastern Europe, Japan, Korea, Hong Kong-Macau-Taiwan area, Southeast Asia, Australia, and the Middle East. The report aims to provide important reference points to game developers who are invested or plan to invest in these countries.

The full report is available at: https://www.upltv.com/report


UPLTV is a global Internet company founded by serial entrepreneur Brian Xie in 2017 with a focus on globalization trends. Brian's earlier ventures, Holaverse, gained 390 million users from around the world within nine months and set a new record for Chinese companies in overseas markets; Avid.ly quickly became the largest export publisher of casual gaming games in China with just over a year's time. UPLTV was founded in April 2017 with its headquarters located in Shanghai and additional offices in London, Singapore and Seoul. UPLTV, specialized in intelligent ad mediation, has an experienced R&D team who has been engaged in product development, mobile advertising optimization, and ad monetization for many years. UPLTV's SDK aggregates over 20 top advertising platforms globally. Using advanced algorithms to optimize advertising logic and utilizing smart and customized solutions, UPLTV is able to deliver at least 20% more in ad revenue compared to similar players globally. Leveraging Google's TensorFlow framework, UPLTV uses LSTM to analyze in-game behavior, interactions, in-app purchases, and tolerance to advertisements. By using the data that tests players' feedback and forecasting 7-day and 14-day retention rates UPLTV optimizes ad display duration and frequency maximizing player LTV while reaching confidence limits of more than 95%. The intelligent ad mediation platform is enabled in order to achieve higher retention rates and achieve balance between revenue and user experience. Currently, UPLTV works with over 300 domestic and foreign game developers and publishers to display over 30 million ads daily helping partners earn higher revenues.

Contact person:Henry Zhang 
Email: henry.zhang@upltv.com