ÜberResearch Launches Dimensions for Funders

It allows funding organizations, non-profits and governmental institutions globally to search, categorize and analyze grant, publication and researcher databases for reporting and decision-making.

Dimensions for Funders will provide scientific research funding organizations with analytical and comparative funding information in order to provide a clear picture of the global R&D landscape for any possible area of research. The software will allow funders to compare overlaps between proposals and prior awards and assign peer reviewers based on publication and grant history, calling on more than three million investigator profiles with publication and grant data combined.

With more than $600bn of historical funding data and $150bn of live research projects from more than 60 funders, the growing database will allow grant-funding agencies to track researcher publication and funding activities post-award.

ÜberResearch worked closely with more than 20 development partners across the funding industry to create this first release. Together, these organisations are responsible for the distribution of more than $41bn annually in science research funding. With their input, the ÜberResearch team who have a wealth of experience on implementations for large funders, have created a unique product based on innovative natural language processing and data mining. The product addresses the major needs funders have such as: portfolio analysis, portfolio comparison with other funder’s portfolio and impact reporting – all in one place.

“The solution is unlike anything available in the industry,” says Christian Herzog, CEO of ÜberResearch.  “Our experienced team has helped some of the largest global funding organizations tackle these challenges, and our goal was to make these capabilities affordable and standardized for even the smallest funding agency.”

The ÜberResearch team spent more than a decade working on these solutions for the world’s largest funders, publishers, and research institutions.  

“Historically a deep and informed view on research funding was only available to customized projects for very large organizations,” explains Herzog.

With Dimensions for Funders, the company has taken the best capabilities of these solutions, made them simple, standardized and cloud-based, and affordable to every funding organization, whatever their size.

About ÜberResearch 

ÜberResearch is a leading provider of software solutions focused on helping funding organizations, non-profits, and governmental institutions make more informed decisions about science funding. The company’s cloud-based platform provides better views of an organization’s grant data, peer organisation activities, and the data of the funding community at large. The software functions span search and duplication detection to robust tools for reviewer identification and portfolio analysis.

ÜberResearch does business globally and has main offices in Cologne, Germany; London, United Kingdom; Washington DC & Columbia, South Carolina, USA and other European and US locations. For more information, visit: http://www.uberresearch.com or follow @uberresearch on twitter.

ÜberResearch is a portfolio company of Digital Science – a technology company serving the needs of scientific research. Operated by Macmillan Science & Education, it offers a range of scientific technology and content solutions, from intelligent knowledge discovery tools to software applications for the laboratory and decision support systems for manager. For more information, visit http://www.digital-science.com.