TSUBASA+ to be Released October 30th in 37 Countries and Territories! Pre-registration campaign exceeds 400,000 registrants


TSUBASA+ releasing in 37 countries and territories around the world!


We are pleased to announce the simultaneous release of TSUBASA+ in 37 countries and territories including Japan and the United States. TSUBASA+ was launched in seven European countries on September 30th, receiving great responses for its Moving Candy item and other at-home features.


At the same time, we have received many requests from TSUBASA+Fans regarding the release date in their own country, so we have added the countries that will be released on October 30th!


Below are the countries and territories where the game will be released on October 30th.


Asia and Oceania

Australia, Chinese Taipei, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Japan, Macau, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore and Thailand

North America

Canada, Mexico and United States

South America

Argentina, Brazil, Chile and Colombia.


Austria, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Czech Republic, Denmark, Greece, Ireland, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Russia, Serbia, Slovakia, Sweden, Switzerland, Ukraine and Turkey.


Ghana and Morocco


Pre-registration campaign exceeds 400,000 registrants

The ongoing worldwide TSUBASA+ Pre-registration campaign that has been running since September 25th, now has ○○ pre-registrations. This campaign will run until November 30th, and registrants will be able to acquire in-game items at the start of the game. The more TSUBASA+Fans who pre-register, the higher grade and number of items pre-registered players will receive in the game. Please take this opportunity to register.  


Overview of the campaign

Depending on the total number of followers registered on our Official TSUBASA+ SNS Accounts, the grade of items given to TSUBASA+Players at the launch of the game will be upgraded as follows.


Official TSUBASA+ SNS Accounts

Only pre-registrations at the following accounts shall qualify for this campaign.


Twitter account: https://twitter.com/tsubasaplus

Facebook account: https://www.facebook.com/tsubasaplus/

Instagram account: https://www.instagram.com/tsubasaplus/
LINE account:: https://lin.ee/6rb53Qz


TSUBASA+Players in countries where the game has been published will also receive additional gifts as the number of pre-registered TSUBASA+Fans later increases in countries and regions where TSUBASA+ has yet to be released.


At the same time, we are now running a campaign where TSUBASA+Fans answer the skills of in-game characters in a quiz format. For more information on registration and applying for these campaigns, please visit the “Pre-registration Campaign Site” (https://prereg.tsubasa.plus/).


Also, keep up with the latest news on our official SNS account sites! We will be rolling out more campaigns in the future, so be sure to follow!


We are now accepting Official TSUBASA+Supporters!


TSUBASA+ is now accepting Official TSUBASA+Supporters. Professional football players, sportsmen and women, celebrities or professional figures who have a verified badge account with Twitter or Instagram are warmly welcome.


The application will be completed if you post your wish to be a TSUBASA+Supporter in Twitter or Instagram with the hashtag #tsubasaplus.


Each TSUBASA+Supporter will receive a special edition of TSUBASA+ in which your personal TSUBASA+Player character is modeled by Miraire designers. We will also register each TSUBASA+Supporter, with their specially designed 3D character, in the Supporters Directory to be published on the official TSUBASA+ website.


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TSUBASA+ (Tsubasa Plus)

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TSUBASA+ is not available on some models of mobile phone.



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