Surgisphere Releases ‘Rapid COVID-19 Triage Tool’ Internationally


As hospitals start to prepare for a surge in confirmed cases of COVID-19, a more pronounced focus will be placed on the appropriate utilization of healthcare resources. Without planning and organization, this surge can lead to delays in care and wasted resources, both of which hurt patients. In conjunction with public health experts, Surgisphere has developed a COVID-19 triage tool that helps prioritize care for patients who are in urgent need of care.

Surgisphere leveraged its real time global research network to develop this triage tool. Using its #1 ranked machine learning capabilities, Surgisphere identified the clinical signs and symptoms most predictive of poor outcomes. Using patient age, chronic medical conditions such as cardiovascular disease and diabetes, vital signs, and routine physical exam maneuvers, healthcare professionals on the front line can triage a COVID-19 patient in under a minute.

“This smartphone app will help thousands of vulnerable patients. We have already seen healthcare systems around the world struggling to cope with the extensive number of sick patients. Better triaging them to provide vital healthcare to those who need it the most is a top priority. Our data driven approach combined with advanced machine learning has created a solution that can positively impact healthcare delivery,” said Sapan Desai, MD, PhD, MBA, FACS. Dr. Desai is a vascular surgeon and President and Chief Executive Officer of the Surgisphere Corporation.

This triage tool has been prospectively validated and has a 95.5% overall accuracy. 100% of patients who require immediate attention are correctly triaged. This smartphone app can be accessed at Surgisphere has also created a COVID-19 mortality risk calculator and diagnosis decision support tool, all freely and immediately available to healthcare professionals around the world.

Surgisphere is currently leveraging its coordinated efforts with global health agencies and its own global network of over 1,200 healthcare organizations to facilitate rapid, world-wide deployment of this life-saving tool. The methodology and results associated with this triage tool have been submitted for peer review and publication in a scientific journal.

Surgisphere is a physician-led company dedicated to making the world a better place, a mission that has motivated its growth and progress since its inception in 2008. An ISO 27001:2013 certified corporation in Chicago, Surgisphere has developed leading solutions in healthcare delivery for patients with kidney disease, cardiovascular disease, lymphedema, and other major diseases.