Steampunk Wizards, Inc. Releases Third Game on iOS and Android

The new game, Whack a Geemie, marks the third game developed by Steampunk Wizards and the second to be released this month.

Whack a Geemie uses characters from the Bungee Mummy franchise in a whack-a-mole style game. In a new spin on the classic game, players must first watch a reel of spinning Geemie characters come to a stop. They then need to hit as many of that type of Geemie as possible, without hitting any of the others. Whack a Geemie adds the excitement and unpredictability of slots to a familiar gameplay style.

The theme for the new game is derived from the Bungee Mummy franchise and makes use of the Geemies, a group of characters from the two previous games by Steampunk Wizards, Bungee Mummy: Challenges and Bungee Mummy: Reborn.

About Steampunk Wizards, Inc.

Steampunk Wizards, Inc. is an independent games development and technology company specialized in developing enchanting games and gaming technology where the real and virtual worlds blur, with headquarters in Los Angeles, California. Publicly listed on the OTCQB under SPWZ, the Company owns the Bungee Mummy game franchise and has released three games, Bungee Mummy: Reborn and Bungee Mummy: Challenges, both from the Bungee Mummy franchise, and a new game, Whack a Geemie, a spin-off from the franchise using some of the most popular characters. All Steampunk Wizards games are available for free download from iOS and Android.

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