Shazam Verified Artists Achieve Combined Reach of Over 1 Billion Followers

Starting today, is now open for all artists as a way to connect with their fans.

Now any artist, from global superstars to garage band discoveries, can join and become a verified artist. Verified artists have already published thousands of Shazams and continue to share their moments of discovery, giving fans a unique glimpse into the music that inspires them. Together these artists are helping Shazam build the world’s largest fan network, curated by artists themselves. Shazam is becoming the place where artists share the moments they discover music with their fans as they occur. To become a Verified Shazam Artist please visit

Shazam launched with 30 of the world’s leading artists. Since launch, Shazam has welcomed top performers like Pharrell, David Guetta, Sam Smith, and nearly 200 more. Last week, Shazam welcomed global music sensation Ed Sheeran, who has over 35 million followers on Shazam. His track “Thinking Out Loud” has been Shazamed 13.4 million times and is the No. 9 most Shazamed track of all time in the Shazam Hall of Fame.

“Our verified artists now have over a billion followers on Shazam, and include global sensations like Ed Sheeran, David Guetta, and Sam Smith,” said Peter Szabo, SVP, Head of Music, Shazam. “By launching, now we’re welcoming all artists to share their moments of discovery with their fans. We are creating an engagement that goes beyond a playlist or a recommendation. It’s an organic, one-of-a-kind connection between millions of fans and the artists they love.”

About Shazam

Shazam is one of the world’s most popular apps, used by more than 100 million people each month to magically connect to the world around them. Building on its pioneering leadership in music identification, Shazam now helps people discover, interact with, and share video, audio, or printed content on TV, radio, movie screens, magazines, newspapers, packaged goods, and retail stores — and now Shazam lets music fans follow their favorite artists to see their Shazams and share in the thrill of discovery. The app has exceeded 20 billion total Shazams since its launch, and users Shazam over 20 million times each day. Follow us on Twitter @shazam or for more information, visit


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