Multilingual ABC book launching the 23 october


From 23 October to 22 November 2018 will be available on Kickstarter, the most widespread and used crowdfunding website in the world, the book for children ABC x6 multilingual alphabet, an ABC book designed to help children to learn the letters of the alphabet and at the same time to intrigue them in languages. They are illustrated in the book are the 6 most widespread European languages and used in Europe and in the world, English, Spanish, French, German, Italian and Portuguese.

A classic but renewed and in-depth tool to encourage the citizens of tomorrow to learn foreign languages with a colorful, cheerful and playful educational approach.

The book associates each letter of the alphabet with one (or more) words and each word with an image that represents it, thus offering the possibility of understanding that the distance between languages is not an obstacle to be feared.

The book aims to stimulate phonetic fluency (ie the ability to memorize and recall multiple words for a particular letter), both in the mother tongue and in other languages and to stimulate curiosity and approach to languages.

There is no shortage of phonetic tables in the six languages, to help the most attentive parents to pronounce each word as correctly as possible.

The illustrations are the work of Giulia Baratella, an Italian artist who works with the most famous books publishers for children and young people.

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Fucina Logica is a recently established Italian publishing house mainly dedicated to the publication of board games without neglecting editorial publications and innovative projects of any kind that seem worthy of being developed.

ABC is a personal project of one of the founding partners, Luca Sandonà.