Moxie Micromobility proudly presents the Moxie M8 Limited Edition: “The Ultimate Electric Scooter”

Moxie Micromobility is a premium, holistic, personal electric mobility solution designed to empower people’s movement. Moxie Micromobility provides state-of-the-art electric vehicles, connected services, and smart gear to help people move in a more responsible, sustainable, and artful way.

As the pioneering luxury company in the personal electric mobility industry, Moxie Micromobility proudly unveils the launch of the Moxie M8 Limited EditionThe Ultimate Electric Scooter” in Europe and America. This handcrafted masterpiece sets unparalleled standards in design, quality, and performance, with only 240 numbered units available worldwide – 120 in gold chrome and 120 in silver chrome.

For those who aspire to greatness, the Moxie M8 Limited Edition fulfills this obsession by combining style and transportation like never before. 

As an affiliate company of the Privé Group, boasting a remarkable 20-year legacy of success, Moxie Micromobility operates as an independent entity, benefiting from extensive expertise, financial stability, and profound business knowledge.

Pioneering as the first personal electric vehicle atelier to enter the market, Moxie proudly presents its handcrafted luxury personal electric scooters, exemplifying an unwavering commitment to exceptional quality, innovation, sustainability, and cutting-edge design.

With a firmly established presence, Moxie instills confidence in its offerings, setting new benchmarks in the world of personal electric mobility.

Under the joint leadership of Javier Rabinovich, President of Moxie Micromobility, and COO César Nájera, a seasoned professional with over 10 years of experience in the electric mobility industry, the company propels the future of personal electric mobility, establishing new standards of excellence in urban transportation.

The Moxie M8 Limited Edition is an exclusive, handcrafted masterpiece created with the finest design, quality, and performance. 

Moxie M8 Limited Edition Features:

  • Handcrafted from high-strength aircraft-grade aluminum.
  • Ergonomic grips lined with genuine Italian Alcantara.
  • Glossy carbon fiber handlebar, fenders, and wide stand board.
  • Inflatable pneumatic 12″ x 3″ wheels.
  • Front and rear hydraulic four-piston disc brakes.
  • Ultra-silent 1400 W rear direct-drive motor with a top speed of 48 km/h (30 mph).*
  • Long-lasting 48 V 16 Ah LG Li-ion battery with a range of 60 km (37 mi).
  • Unique folding mechanism with a 10-micron multi-teeth interlocking system.
  • IP65 water resistance rating.

As a premium electric mobility atelier, Moxie Micromobility highly values its independence and autonomy. With a team of dedicated and skilled individuals, Moxie Micromobility offers practical, smart, unique, and complete solutions that put people at the center of everything, always thinking about improving people’s quality of life.

*In order to comply with the European regulations, we deliver our scooters in Europe limited to 25 km/h. Please carefully check the applicable regulations in your country before riding a Moxie Scooter.

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