Mobile Game Increases Median Playtime by 28% with Swrve’s New Predictive Marketing for Games

An initial campaign run by a mobile game publisher reduced churn by 11 percent, increased number of sessions by 18 percent and increased revenue by 50 percent for a targeted segment of players.

With Swrve’s Predictive Marketing for Games, marketers can target groups of players with messages that reduce churn, increase engagement and improve monetization. Use cases in mobile gaming apps include targeting players who are likely to churn with a re-engagement campaign, or nudging users who have been identified as likely to spend with a tempting offer.

“Predictive marketing has proven to be a highly effective tool for our mobile gaming customers, leading to higher rates of player engagement, retention and conversion,” said Swrve CEO Christopher S. Dean. “Predictive analytics are far superior to conventional analytics, which only look at people’s past behavior. With Swrve’s Predictive Marketing for Games, mobile gaming companies are able to interact with players at the exact moment it’s necessary to engage.”

Swrve is the first mobile marketing company to combine predictive analytics with messaging for mobile apps in its Predictive Marketing Suite, which employs a continuously updated behavioral algorithm that determines an app user’s propensity for action or inaction.

Swrve will debut Predictive Marketing for Games today at Gamescom, Europe’s biggest trade fair for interactive games and entertainment in Cologne, Germany. To learn more, visit Swrve at Gamescom at Hall 2.2, Stand C040, go to or contact [email protected].

About Swrve
With an extensive background in mobile gaming, Swrve is the right partner for app a/b testing, push notifications, in-app messaging, and mobile analytics – the mobile marketing tools required to drive engagement, retention and revenue. Swrve’s platform provides advanced audience targeting, real-time segmentation, personalization and predictive marketing to optimize the player experience. Understanding how to engage mobile gamers quickly and maximize game revenue is a core competence of Swrve’s, and is recognized by partners including EA, Sony, Warner Brothers, and Backflip. Swrve customers have delivered more than one billion mobile messages, and every single day the Swrve platform processes over six billion events.


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