Liverpool has been revealed to be the UK’s most security-conscious place! Ranking 37. Out of 104 for highest number of burglaries in the UK, 6.0K burglaries were committed in the 12 months up to December 2019. Liverpool ranks 34. For bicycle crime theft and number 1. For drugs crime.

Liverpool (ranked 13th highest place for overall crime in the UK) is the most safety conscious city when it comes to CCTV and home security. The ‘L’ postcode has the most sales to protect residential homes per head of population over a 12-month period. One resident said, “Even if the police don’t get around to properly investigating a break in, having home security acts as a deterrent, and the criminals will always go for the easy option and go to a house with no CCTV or security.”

Cardiff is Britain’s least security-conscious town or city. The CF postcode ranked lowest for purchasing home and CCTV systems of all towns and cities in the survey. (Cardiff ranks 21ST out of 104 for burglary by ukcrimestats.com). Is this disparity between problem and solution because residents don’t recognise the merit of home security technology? Have residents simply given in and accept that property crime is inevitable?

Birmingham came in second with Southampton third. See the full list at the bottom of this release. Southampton ranks at 35 out of 104 postcode areas in the UK for most burglaries.

Derby, who came fourth in the list, currently ranks 47th out of the 104 postcode areas for burglaries, with 4.2K burglaries committed in the twelve months up to December 2019.

One of the most interesting finds was that Birmingham was the second least safety-conscious place for home security, despite ranking number one in the crime league outside of London. It ranks 19th for highest number of burglaries out of 104 postcode areas.

Manchester was also a highly safety conscious place to live, coming in second in the research. Manchester has approximately 30,000 burglaries each year in the ‘M’ postcode area from a population of 2.8 million. One frustrated Manchester respondent said, “As the police virtually never arrest anyone for burglary around here, we have to do everything we can ourselves. Crime pays in Manchester.”

Ebuyer’s Andy Roberts, Director of E-Commerce says that people are now generally more aware of home security options. “New tech is constantly being launched in the security sector which has been designed for easy installation and operation. In the past, this sort of tech had the reputation of being difficult to install so you need a specialist. That’s not the case now. It was also much more expensive than it is now.”


Ebuyer studied 17 major towns and cities (excluding London) Results: From least-to-most security conscious.

  1. Cardiff
  2. Birmingham
  3. Southampton
  4. Derby
  5. Edinburgh
  6. Sunderland
  7. Leeds
  8. Leicester
  9. Reading

    10. Huddersfield


    12. Nottingham

    13. Glasgow

    14. Newcastle

    15. Ipswich

    16. Manchester

    17. Liverpool

*Crime league table rankings provided by ukcrimestats.com, verisure.co.uk and plumplot.co.uk. Scotland also not included. 30,000+ Home security sales were included in the figures, along with a social media survey.

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