Hanvon Pentech Debuts One-for-All Active Capacitive Pen at CES 2015

Pen has made a successful comeback. As smartphones and tablets increase content-oriented APPs, people prefer the easiness and freedom of a pen to write, draw and share. Today most pens only function with the tablets or smartphones they come with, which causes inconvenience when one of them goes missing.

Pentech’s One-for-All pen provides a solution. It is designed to be compatible with various touchscreens, meaning instead of pairing your devices with different pens, you can use the same one to write or draw on any of your electronic devices, as long as it has a capacitive touchscreen.

Traditional passive capacitive pens work in the same way your finger does. No matter how well-designed, they are limited by the thick tips, low resolution and lack of pressure-sensitivity.

Completely different from the passive capacitive pens, Pentech’s One-for-All capacitive pen offers 1024 levels of pressure, allowing users to create fabulous writings and drawings on the screens — just like a normal pen. With a narrow 1.2mm-tip, users get much more accurate placement and are able to draw finer lines and better control the screen.

“As the leader in the pen solution market, Pentech continues to offer the best products to the users,” said Xuejun Zhang, GM of Pentech. “One-for-All active capacitive pen eliminates the limits among touchscreens, allowing users to use the same pen to create content on different devices, while providing the excellent and most precise writing and drawing experience. It is a true pen for the pen lovers.”

Focusing on pen input solutions, Pentech’s ERT and capacitive products support 2-100’’ touchscreens, widely applied in education, healthcare, government OA, banking, etc.

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Headquartered in Beijing , Hanvon Pentech Co., Ltd. is a holding subsidiary company of Hanvon Technology Co., Ltd. (Stock code: 002362). Pentech is an expert of pen input technology and production, dedicated to R&D and production of ERT and Active Capacitive Pen solutions and owning 140 patents worldwide.


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