Great for silent cheering support! The lighting app “Sticklight de YEAAH” has released a fully renewed version



YEAAH Inc. has released an iOS version of color lighting application “sticklight de YEAAH” with all functions fully renewed.


[App download]

iOS version:




Fully renewed functionality



[Background to full renewal]


The impact of the new coronavirus infection has not yet subsided. Under such circumstances, depending on the country, the economic loss would be enormous if each activity was suspended, so the organizers have come up with various ideas to resume event activities with COVID-19. . However, under that environment, as a countermeasure against infection, it is operated with a ban on speaking out. Therefore, there is a growing need for our lighting app that allows you to easily express the excitement on your smartphone without using your voice. Our company already has a track record of introduction at professional live concerts and watching sports.


This time, we have renewed our free app “Sticklight de YEAAH” iOS version so that it can be enjoyed in a wider range of situations, not only for professionals but also for amateur activities and small events such as friends.


The new version has a completely redesigned UI to improve usability based on previous feedback and requests.


[Shake to change colour mode]


In this mode, the screen changes colour and the logo changes animatedly when the phone is shaken.


This is a conventional function, but we have made it possible to customise it to your liking by adding a random change pattern and increasing the number of logo types.


[Automatic colour change mode]


This is a mode in which the screen colour changes automatically.


Three patterns are available: ‘Stepless’, which changes seamlessly; ‘Random’, which switches colours in a certain amount of time; and ‘Chaotic’, in which it is up to the user to decide how the colours will change. The screen colour changes even without shaking the phone, so you can enjoy the changes just by leaving the phone on the screen.


[Country support mode]


This function is designed for when you want to cheer on your country’s national team, such as at big sporting events like world cup.


The number of countries has been greatly increased so that users from all over the world can use it.


Flags and screen colour changes have also been improved.


In addition, the existing function ‘Colour Sync’, which synchronises the colours of people who have the same settings, and the fixed colour specification, which allows you to specify your favourite colours, are also supported.


We plan to continue adding patterns and improving functions in pursuit of greater ease of use and understanding. A renewal of the Android version is also planned.



About sticklight de YEAAH



Since its release in 2016, this lighting app has steadily increased the number of users.


It not only changes the colour of the screen, but also allows users to actively take action in conjunction with shaking, which gives them a greater sense of participation in the event and at the same time makes the venue more spectacular.


[Application overview]


Name: ‘sticklight de YEAAH’.

Website: https://yeaah.jp/en/sticklight-de-yeaah/

Compatible OS: iOS13 or later / Android 5.0 or later (this renewal is for the iOS version only)

Price: Free of charge


iOS version:



Android version:



[Examples of use]

School events (entrance ceremony, graduation ceremony, etc.)

Local ceremonies

Independent events

Independent live concerts

Amateur sports matches



[Commets form YEAAH spokespeson]


This lighting app has been used by many users and organisations around the world.

Because it is provided free of charge, it is also widely used by schools and local authorities. The more the merrier, so organisers should notify participants in advance and ask them to install them! The event is sure to be a huge success! You don’t even need to give us permission to use it! Feel free to use it! Share your excitement and impressions on social networking sites!



Lighting function introduction service for corporations and organisations



Based on the lighting technology we have developed over many years, we also offer services such as integrating functions into your official apps (SDK provision) and batch creation of dedicated apps on your behalf.


If you are interested in this service, please visit our website.


Website: https://yeaah.jp/penlight-service/   (Japanese)



About YEAAH Inc.



We define “YEAAH” as a memorable experience in life, and with the vision of “100 billion YEAAHs on the planet”, we aim to use technology to expand the YEAAH experience to as many people as possible.


[Company profile]


Company name: YEAAH inc.

Location: 1F, 1-33-6 Ebisu-Nishi, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo

Chief Executive Officer: Keiji Mori

Business: Sticklight app development, provision of lighting services for corporate clients, development of apps to promote local circulation, other

Established: 2016

URL: https://yeaah.jp/en/






[Inquiries regarding the use and development of the lighting app, please contact]

YEAAH Inc. Entertainment Business Manager

URL: https://yeaah.jp/penlight-service/

E-mail: [email protected]


[For press enquiries regarding this release, please contact]

YEAAH Inc. Public Relations Manager

URL: https://yeaah.jp/contact/

E-mail: [email protected]