Global Video Game Coalition Hosts ‘Games for Good’ Event to Highlight the Positive Impact of Video Games

GVGC event at the World Trade Organization in Geneva features discussion around video games’ positive contributions to society with demonstrations of more than 10 games that make a difference

The event featured a discussion on how innovation and digital trade in video games contribute to sustainability, science, education, inclusion and overall wellbeing. Additionally, the event included demonstrations and hands-on playtime with video games that create and foster positive social impact.

“The Global Video Game Coalition is delighted to showcase the positive impact of video games directly with the international community,” said Tatjana Sachse, Lead Spokesperson and Counsel, GVGC. “Beyond entertainment, video games have enormous potential to positively impact various aspects of the lives of the billions of players around the world, and we are grateful for the opportunity to showcase just a few of these games. We sincerely thank our co-sponsors for providing us with the opportunity to host this event and we look forward to continuing to work together with the international community in Geneva.”

The event included remarks from 11 bit studios’ Pawel Miechowski, Electronic Arts’ James Salmon, Microsoft’s Jen Scully and Ubisoft’s Kelsey McLaren. Video games and devices featured at the event highlighted accessibility and inclusion, education, exercise and movement, scientific research, sustainability and wellbeing and social engagement. The games and products included:

Video games are a source of entertainment for billions of people worldwide, of all ages and backgrounds. The video game industry recognizes and encourages responsible video game play and is committed to supporting the wellbeing of its players. For more information about the GVGC, visit


About the Global Video Game Coalition

The Global Video Game Coalition (GVGC) serves as the voice and advocate for the global video game industry on video games and well-being. The GVGC is a coalition of national and regional trade associations representing innovative and creative video game publishers and developers from around the world. The GVGC seeks to cultivate a dialogue with public health policymakers about the mental, physical and social benefits of video game play and the industry’s long-standing commitment to responsible game play.

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