GAMIVO celebrates 12 million video games sold



What is GAMIVO?


GAMIVO is a digital platform for all things gaming. Launched in 2017, GAMIVO became a place where e-commerce meets video games, taking out the best of both worlds. GAMIVO offers its clients hundreds of video games titles at attractive prices. Very recently, the platform has opened its doors to physical products as well. From professional chairs, collectibles, and gadgets to gaming hardware, GAMIVO aims to become the ultimate service for every gamer.


GAMIVO has a number of reasons to celebrate, including the aforementioned milestone. In the last quarter of 2021, GAMIVO registered 10 million sold products- very soon this number has grown to 12 million. It’s an indicator of the expanding customer base and service of the highest quality. The increased activity and trust of the clients can be noticed on outside platforms as well. For instance, users continue to leave positive opinions on the largest review website Trustpilot. Currently, GAMIVO’s services have been described as excellent. There are, however, even more reasons why GAMIVO is developing.


What makes GAMIVO so special?


The synergy of e-commerce and gaming is what fuels GAMIVO’s growing success. With the omnipresent popularity of e-shops, growing ecological awareness, and stabilized consumer trends, buying games online is a common practice. As commerce has moved to the internet, platforms like GAMIVO are almost invulnerable to violent market swings. Most importantly, the platform can quickly react to new tendencies in e-commerce and broaden its range of products. For instance, GAMIVO entered the world of cloud gaming, a service that has rapidly grown in popularity over the past months. GAMIVO successfully formed a partnership with Boosteroid, one of the biggest cloud gaming platforms in Europe.


The quality of services


The trust bestowed upon GAMIVO wouldn’t be possible without high-quality and multiple benefits. Thanks to thorough verification of the suppliers and 24/7 customer support availability, the customer base continues to grow daily. GAMIVO, founded by people passionate about games, understands their needs and aims to provide them with the top quality services, tailored to their expectations. Currently, GAMIVO boasts a 3,3 million customer base who entrusted the service. This number is constantly growing as the platform popularizes its presence on social media and partakes in fruitful collaborations.


GAMIVO’s debut on the stock market


What is undeniably important is that GAMIVO is an active member of the stock exchange. The company made its debut on the NewConnect market on April 22, 2021. The transaction platform aims to switch its stock exchange listing to the Warsaw Stock Exchange. It’s worth saying that GAMIVO is the only gaming service of its kind in the industry that boasts its presence on the stock market. It’s the best evidence of full transparency of the company’s activity.


A promising future


The developments described above, as well as many other undertakings, have positively impacted GAMIVO’s financial results. According to estimated data for the third quarter of 2021, revenues related to the service’s activity increased by 37%. The gross profit of reached around $430 000, which makes it 44% higher compared to the gross profit of 2020. Such impressive growth wouldn’t be possible without GAMIVO’s quick responses to the very needs of customers and changes in the gaming industry.


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