Finnish Publisher Dramaforum Secures Deal with 24Reader to Distribute Children’s E-magazine Petra’s Planet in China

Ms. Eevamaria Halttunen, founder of Dramaforum, said 24Reader’s well-established reach would be a great asset to the launch of “Petra’s Planet Magazine”.

“24Reader has more than one million magazine subscribers and we are thrilled to be working in partnership to bring Petra’s Planet Magazine to children across Hong Kong, China,” said Ms. Halttunen.

“Thanks to its digital format, Petra’s Planet Magazine is highly interactive and mobile. We’re looking forward to bringing it to the Chinese Market,” said Kaya Lam, Senior Editor and Project Manager at 24Reader Ltd.  

Petra’s Planet Magazine is an innovative, digital magazine that is delivered directly to devices each month. In every issue, kids travel to an exciting new country and learn about countries, cultures, wildlife, the environment and friendship.  The magazine comes with interactive puzzles, quizzes, and downloadable activities.

Dramaforum Oy Ltd is an independent Finnish transmedia company specializing in children’s products. Established in 2003 by Ms. Halttunen, Dramaforum has offices in Finland, UK and Canada, employing a team of experienced learning and digital media experts.

“Our goal is to inspire children to stay curious and discover the wonders of the world. Through Petra’s Planet, children learn about the richness and diversity of our planet and are empowered to become global citizens,” said Ms. Halttunen.


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