Key takeaways from the EU:

  • EU games industry continued its growth despite the pandemic.
  • EU game developer studios and publishers had a combined turnover of €16.6bn
  • There were 4,600 developer studios in the EU
  • There were 74,000 employees working in the sector in the EU (98,000) in Europe)
  • 22% of employees in the European video game sector are women, compared to 17% in Europe’s ICT sector as a whole
  • France continued to be the EU’s leader in game development
    • It is closely followed by Germany and Sweden in terms of the number of game developer studios
    • France, Germany and Poland led in terms of employees
    • Sweden and Finland are catching up with France and Germany, the two countries leading in terms of combined industry turnover
  • The rise of the Swedish and Polish games industries indicated how the games sector is becoming an important engine of digital growth in both small EU member states and Central-Eastern European member states


EGDF President Hendrik Lesser said:2020 was a difficult year for the European video games community, as it was for so many. Too many of us lost loved ones, friends, and colleagues.


“With all the disruption, the development of new games and new game launches were predictably impacted. And while the games industry was better equipped for remote work than many others in Europe, it was not without its challenges. Small European businesses, in particular, faced substantial difficulties in securing new deals, pitching for investment and hiring new employees. The lockdowns also triggered mental health challenges in the workforce that companies were quick to respond to.  Our industry showed incredible resilience in response to the crisis, as millions of people discovered the joys and benefits of playing our games for the first time.”


ISFE Chair Olaf Coenen said: With millions of people around the world turning to video games as a source of entertainment and safe connection between friends during lockdown, we saw a massive increase in engagement. We used our global reach and influence as a force for good, promoting public health messaging, making significant financial donations, and providing free educational and fitness games. We know that video games helped players feel happier, less anxious, and more connected during the strict lockdown periods[1].”


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[1] Report recognises multiple benefits of video games during lockdown – ISFE