Corona Radar: Private Company Launches New Anonymous Warning App


Conceived in April 2020 by Bert Neckermann, a German national resident in Switzerland, Corona Radar is being published by Necdigit One GmbH / Switzerland. The app is meant to help avoid risky contacts and thus slow the spread of Covid-19.

Users enter their subjective, individually perceived, risk status as low, medium or high risk. Color-coded dots show distance and movement relative to other app users. Sources of risk can thus be recognized early and avoided.

The use of the app is completely anonymous. There is no registration, no login, no entry of email address or phone number.  The app collects no personal data whatsoever; every user device is connected to the server only by a randomly generated code that does not allow any conclusions regarding the identity of the user. When a person with increased risk approaches, the user receives an optic and acoustic signal. An optional “personal tracing” function with push notification is in development.  This, too, will be completely anonymous.

The launch was originally planned for early June 2020. The reluctance of the app stores prompted the development of Corona as a Progressive Web App (PWA), now available for mobile devices on The PWA works on any mobile browser. App and website are available as a beta version in English, French, Italian, German, Spanish, Russian and Turkish at the start. The PWA will continue to be developed based on user experience and feedback.

Bert Neckermann, founder of NECDIGIT ONE:

“Covid-19 is a common problem of all people, and we can only fight it jointly. Our app can help people to take their freedom into their own hands and protect themselves from the virus proactively, individually and 100% anonymously. If lots of people use Corona Radar, the app can become a very effective means for better social distancing and less fear in the world, without users having to fear onerous obligations or being spied upon.”

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