Biid presents an international pioneer technology that allows you to safely login and sign electronically through mobile devices


Biid is a company founded on July 2015 that aims to cover the need for new solutions to digital identification, worldwide and safely, through mobile devices.

The presentation has been attended by Oscar Pallarols, Director of Smart Living for Mobile World Capital, Joan Angulo, Resources Manager for Barcelona’s City Council, Manel Sanromà, Manager of the Barcelona City Council Municipal Institute of Information and Carlos Grau, Biid CEO.

Aims and added value of Biid Technology

Biid Technology grants the efficient use of digital certificates. It is reshaping the mobile industry as it offers a new layer of security, legality and electronic evidence on any transaction made from a mobile device.

Digital certificates are a personal ID solution very much expanded on professional fields already, mainly because of the security they provide; but reaching a wider market has its difficulties on complexity and costs (devices with specific hardware, drivers, etc).

Biid system allows you to download digital certificates through an App to your mobile device. This way you can use the biometric abilities of new mobile phones (digital footprint identification, etc.) enhancing the user experience and replacing old complex systems, which used passwords, user code, keys…, with more security and at lower cost.

With the new Biid platform you can have your own digital ID by hand, whether it is for in-person meetings, as an alternative to physical ID cards for accreditation, for telephone exchanges or telematic services (web). It sets up a strong, secure and legally valid identification that generates electronic evidences.

The aim of this innovative system is to offer identity solutions and electronic signature to  different operations and scenarios, as for example: mobile bank, access to personal information for public administration transactions (electoral roll, fines, public services access), signature and insurance policies renewal, access to personal clinic history, payments through electronic commerce, amongst many others.

Carlos Grau, Biid CEO, assures: “We want to shake up mobile industry, by foreseeing and developing advanced solutions contributing to create a safer world for electronic transactions through mobile devices.

Case study

Biid’s technology has been selected by Barcelona City Council, through the agreement with Firmaprofesional, to provide its services to an international landmark project: Mobile ID.

For more than a year, Barcelona City Council has deployed a pilot project that offers a mobile identity service, Mobile ID. Over 11.000 citizens have used it already and they have experienced the many services it easily extends to their mobile devices.

Joan Angulo, Resources Manager for Barcelona’s City Council declares: “ Biid’s technology, along with Firmaprofesional’s services, will be the engine of our Mobile ID, an identity and electronic signature service that we pretend to extend to many fields so that the people can use them, simplifying then the access on a secure basis to their own folders, procedures and certificates. We plan to integrate it very soon with our new services of the citizen attention number (010) and to gradually replace physical ID cards for mobile identification. ”

The new mobility strategic plan of Barcelona’s City Council “Barcelona a la Butxaca” (Pocket Barcelona) will allow people to integrate Mobile ID with all the Apps, giving them more security and the possibility to electronically sign some procedures, therefore preventing loads of in-person paperwork.

Barcelona is a smart city model. It has the strong aim to ease the access to new and advanced services from our mobile device in a secure way and creating enhancing experiences.

According to Manel Sanromà, Manager of the Barcelona City Council Municipal Institute of Information, “Mobile ID was a view of the future and today has become a reality; a product and a company that provide a new security model very easy to use by the citizens through their mobile devices. It allows City Protocol to project a model of good practice. Other cities around the world are analyzing it to replicate it very soon.”

A platform with a will to lead globally

Biid technology is commercialized on an international field. There have been some first commercial contacts already with companies in France, UK, USA and South America, where the digital certification is starting to be strongly developed. Biid company has been selected amongst the 100 best start-ups of Europe this 2015 by Red Herring.

In Agustín Cordón, Vice President of the Mobile World Capital, opinion: “Biid is a great example of our will to support and create new companies in Barcelona based on technology, focused on mobility, as well as the ability to drive innovative solutions globally. Companies that improve user experience and provide more security to mobile transactions.

There is a great demand from different sectors that have voiced their interest on solutions like the one Biid presents today; for example, bank entities which seek alternatives to classic key cards or temporal SMS keys to confirm their transactions and improving user experience. Other examples are: insurance companies that want to allow their clients to renew their policy through mobile devices, or content platforms and electronic commercial ones that require a strong identification system before the user can access the payment gateways, so they can lessen fraud.

Companies from different fields of expertise see on this platform a final solution to avoid paper signatures, being able to confirm and approve through mobile devices with all the juridic value that is needed.

Thus it is public administration one of the main sectors where Biid expects to success, as it can help public entities to increase the use of Electronic Management by the citizens through their mobile devices. It is known as m-government, and it has big potential on fields such as education, health and all kind of procedures.

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