Autism Parenting Magazine Brings Special Needs Community Together During COVID-19 Pandemic


“Autism families are facing unprecedented challenges,” Amy said. “Many children on the spectrum don’t respond well to change and can experience excessive anxiety or regressive behavior(s). With schools canceled, programs and sports postponed, and much-needed therapies placed on the back burner, daily life has been thrown into a tailspin for many families. When parents reached out to us for help, we knew we had to jump in and respond” she added. 

Areva Martin, president and founder of Special Needs Network, Inc. said, “It’s critical the autism community is able to come together during this tough time to help families filter through the misinformation regarding COVID-19 and receive expert advice.” A civil rights attorney, talk show host and commentator, best-selling author and mother to a son on the spectrum, she added, “Amy and her team are fully committed to providing autism families with the relevant guidance they so desperately need right now. The special needs community can depend on Autism Parenting Magazine for wholehearted support.”

Amy said the magazine team is providing quarantine coping strategies as well as ways to deal with heightened anxieties as a result of COVID-19. “Our specialists are recommending ways to improve communication while stuck at home, as well as ways to interact with schools. Many therapists are offering teletherapy during the quarantine, which I think will make a huge difference for children experiencing high levels of stress or depression. We want parents to know people are out there willing to help,” she said.

Amy added it has been rewarding to watch the greater autism community come together. “We must work to provide all people the assistance they need. As an international publication, we touch the lives of thousands of autism families every day, which is critical during a crisis like this. Working with committed doctors, specialists, and autism families from all over the globe make the world feel a little smaller,” she said.

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