Anime Fans Rejoice! Neamedia Icons Introduces Chic Naruto Statues


One-of-a-Kind Tribute to Konoha’s Beloved Ninja

Relive your fondest memories of Naruto and pay tribute to the iconic character created by Masashi Kishimoto 20 years ago by decking out your home with an original Neamedia Icons statue.

Created in Paris by a team of avid fans, the statues are faithful representations of the original anime. Put them in your home and step into an episode of Naruto Shippuden.

Universal Values

“Our Pac-Man Kickstarter campaign was a huge hit and the team immediately decided that our next project should be to use our statues as a way to celebrate the universal values of courage, perseverance and optimism championed by the Naruto Shippuden series. We opted for a faithful but contemporary design and we couldn’t be happier with the results” said François Bernard, CEO of Neamedia.

3 Poses, 3 Colors

Customize your Epic Naruto statue by choosing from 3 poses, 3 sizes and 3 solid colors. The statues are made of resin and fiberglass. They are genuine works of art, designed with the utmost care and attention to detail. They add a unique touch and a dash of Japan to any home.

The Will of Fire (30cm – 12”)

In this statue, your favorite ninja stands tall with a piercing gaze, shuriken-filled pockets and kunai in hand, ready to storm his worst enemies. It includes a serial number and certificate of authenticity. Available to backers pledging 129. Don’t wait— the first 500 backers are eligible for the 99 early bird price.

Kage Bunshin no Jutsu (70cm – 28”)

This signature Naruto move—also known as the shadow clone technique—is the ultimate tribute to the anime legend. Limited Edition: only 999 statues available (all colors combined). Available to backers pledging 499 and up.

Fighting Side by Side (1m – 40”)

A larger-than-life rendition from Fighting Side by Side, the iconic final poster that depicts Team 7 reuniting for the first time in Naruto Shippuden. Ultra-Limited Edition: only 499 statues available (all colors combined). Available to backers pledging 749 and up.

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About Neamedia Icons

Neamedia Icons is the creator of Naruto – The Epic Ninja statues. The statues are officially licensed and have been developed under supervision of Japanese right holders.

The parent company Neamedia has designed and manufactured popular original collectibles for over 18 years, working with the most demanding video game and luxury brands. Neamedia Icons, Neamedia’s publishing label, specializes in designing original sculptures based on the world’s most famous pop culture heroes.

Load up on shuriken, grab your kunai and join this Epic ninja adventure. These Naruto statues are a Kickstarter must-have!

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