Addicted to Weed? Kustomvape CBD could have the answer


CBD is sweeping the USA and is recognised as having many benefits from helping with stress, anxiety, sleep disorder and many more serious medical conditions. As Britain comes to terms with the reality of the growing number of people that are addicted to cannabis a solution could already staring us in the face.

John Dickson Sales Director for the UK said “According to a study by two researchers at UCL, Dr Tom Freeman and Dr Adam Winstock, the strongest cannabis increases the risk of addiction, along with memory loss and paranoia”.

If you smoke high-potency skunk at all, then you are three times more likely to be psychotic Prof Robin Murray, King’s College London

And in a trial to explore ways of helping addicts, they are giving drug users medication based on cannabis itself. The hope is that administering doses of CBD, the more benign ingredient of cannabis, might make it easier for habitual users to wean themselves off the lure of the more potent element, THC.

Dr Freeman told the BBC: “We think that CBD can reverse long-term changes which happen when you smoke cannabis repeatedly, and in people who smoke a lot of cannabis it’ll help them quit.

“It blocks the effects of THC and it reduces anxiety and paranoia. If this trial is successful, then we will have found the first effective drug treatment for cannabis dependence.”

This is great news for people struggling with addiction to weed, Kustomvape are delighted that the recent CBD benefits are making headline news around the world.

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