Spread the word about your business using online press release distribution

Writing a great press release is only half the battle. The hardest part is to get relevant publications and media channels interested enough to cover the topic. Online distribution has made it so much easier to drop press releases fast and with minimum effort. However, it can take you years to build a decent database with publication contacts. This is where Presswire comes in! We offer international press release distribution services to public and private sector clients who wish to put their business or their cause on the map. With more than 15 years of experience in this field, we have gathered the contact information of more than 850, 000 respected correspondents and analysts to help you reach your target audience in no time without even lifting a finger!

Let us send the press release for you

  1. We receive your Press Release and our editor carefully checks it for spelling mistakes, typos, formatting errors and missing images to ensure we deliver only quality content.
  2. We Translate the text into target languages for worldwide distribution.
  3. We Optimize the content for search engines.
  4. We test send your release to make sure it ends up in the Inbox, not in spam.
  5. We tailor the list of recipients by choosing the most relevant contacts from all over the world.
  6. We Distribute the press release via our unique Tracking system to approved recipients and post it on our trusted network of websites and social media channels.
  7. We provide you with a full Tracking Report, showing the success of your campaign and giving you the media contacts you need to follow up.

Our media contacts database

Do you want to send the press release yourself but your contact list is too short? Subscribe to our media contacts live global database! It is updated more than 20,000 times a week creating even more opportunities for you. Create your own distribution lists and share them with your clients. You can also query the database by continent, country, city, type of media and other categories to find what you need in seconds.

Media monitoring

Our press release distribution services include monitoring print and online publications as well as broadcast outlets to provide you with an exhaustive report on worldwide media coverage. Presswire specialists can also retrieve articles going back up to 25 years from periodic press and websites in all languages. Keeping track of your press releases has never been easier!

Why you should choose us

We do not only distribute press releases, but we also provide a detailed follow-up tracking report showing who opened your materials, how much time they spent reading them and whether they forwarded them to somebody else via email. The report comes in a convenient Excel file including names, places of work, positions, telephone numbers, emails, and social media handles of correspondents who read your press release. Why is this data valuable? It allows you to understand your target audience better and directly contact the journalists who are interested in covering the topic.