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[PRESSWIRE] Parma - April 26, 2019 -- The recently published CREDENCE study [1] showed that SGLT2 inhibitors can slow progression of chronic kidney disease (CKD) in diabetes patients in addition to the effects seen with RAAS blockade. The study results were presented at the World Nephrology Congress in Melbourne and showed that Canagliflozin was associated with a 34% risk reduction of the renal end point (end stage renal disease, doubling of serum creatinine or renal death). The previous day, the SONAR study had shown that the selective endothelin A receptor antagonist, atrasentan, reduced the risk of renal events in a specially selected CKD cohort with diabetes to a similar extent (35%).

Professor Zoccali

[PRESSWIRE] Parma - 05 March, 2019 --  “Kidney health for everyone everywhere” – ERA-EDTA has helped to put this motto into practice by offering support for young nephrologists living in disadvantage areas.

Professor Carmine Zoccali, President of the ERA-EDTA

[PRESSWIRE] Parma - 05 March, 2019 -- 850 million people worldwide are affected by kidney disease [1] – a worrying figure, and one that continues to rise. Prevention of chronic kidney disease is therefore more important than ever, as Professor Carmine Zoccali (Reggio Calabria, Italy), President of the ERA-EDTA, emphasizes on the occasion of World Kidney Day on March 14, 2019.

[PRESSWIRE] Parma - January 22, 2019 -- 16% of the patients on renal replacement therapy are under the age of 40. These younger patients would benefit greatly from kidney transplantation. Their expected remaining lifetime may even be doubled by having a transplant.

[PRESSWIRE] ‘s-Hertogenbosch, The Netherlands - 5 July, 2018 -- A total grant sum of EUR 2 million has been awarded to a multidisciplinary EUROSTARS consortium. The EUROSTARS project is titled "Treatment Response Monitoring for Cancer Immunotherapies Using Immune Repertoire Analysis” and named IMMUNOMONITOR.

[PRESSWIRE] Viernes 29 de junio de 2018 - Un nuevo y pionero tipo de tecnología de soldadura al vacío por haz de electrones local desarrollada en el Reino Unido por Cambridge Vacuum Engineering (CVE) está ayudando a revolucionar el sector de la generación de energía. El proyecto EB ManPower es una colaboración conjunta entre CVE, U-Battery, Cammell Laird y TWI.

[PRESSWIRE] 2018年6月29 日 即時リリース - イギリスのケンブリッジ・バキューム・エンジニアリング (CVE) 社が開発したローカル型真空電子ビーム溶接技術の新型モデルが発電産業の技術革新を支援しています。EB ManPower プロジェクトは、CVE、U-Battery、Cammell Laird、TWI が共同で取り組む事業です。

[PRESSWIRE] Пятница, 29е июня 2018 г. - Фундаментально новая технология электронно-лучевой сварки с использованием местного вакуума, разработанная в Соединенном Королевстве компанией Cambridge Vacuum Engineering (CVE), способствует революции в энергетическом секторе. В совместном проекте под названием EB ManPower участвуют компании CVE, U-Battery, Cammell Laird и TWI.

[PRESSWIRE] London, United Kingdom – 29 June, 2018 -- CVE has developed a local vacuum EB welding system which can be readily transported and operated on site and applied to structures significantly larger than can be accommodated in a vacuum chamber.


2018年6月29日(星期五)即时发布 - 英国的 Cambridge Vacuum Engineering (CVE) 公司开发的新型局部真空电子束焊接技术正在推动发电领域发生革命性的变化。EB ManPower 项目是 CVE、U-Battery、Cammell Laird 和 TWI 的合作项目。