Recent Music press releases & news

 [PRESSWIRE] CENTER CITY, Minn., March 28, 2019 -- Indie pop artist Jeremy Messersmith, one of Minnesota's most celebrated songwriters and performers, will headline the one-of-a-kind sober music festival HazelFest, which—in its seventh year—doubles as the 70th anniversary party for the host Hazelden Betty Ford Foundation.

[PRESSWIRE] Belgium - 09 August, 2018 -- Live streaming has been growing rapidly in recent years. The leading web site,, is on the Top 40 of most visited websites in the world, while being Top 20 in the USA, UK, South Korea & Scandinavia. So far this genre has been dominated by gamers, but time has come for the artist community to join in. The first pop band, with a worldwide hit to their name, to live stream themselves 24/7 is Rednex, most famous for the party hit Cotton Eye Joe and their untamed stage performances.

[PRESSWIRE] Belgium – 20 July, 2018 -- Rednex, famous for the party song Cotton Eye Joe, has released a comeback single called Manly Man. The provocative video is recorded at a crime scene in rural Poland, without permission from the police or local authorities.

[PRESSWIRE] BRUSSELS - 05 July 2018 -- Today in Strasbourg, MEPs voted to obstruct a crucial EU Copyright Reform from progressing to the final legislative stage, succumbing to an intense lobby of MANIPULATIVE anti-copyright campaigners, US internet giants and vested interests who benefit from stealing and monetising publishers’ valuable content.

[PRESSWIRE] London - 5. juli 2018 -- I et forsøk på å vise verdsettelse for lærere og forfremme integrering av musikk i klasserom, er Steven Van Zandt (fra Little Steven and The Disciples of Soul og Bruce Springsteen and E Street Band) på en utdannelse-misjon. Han er på turné i Europa på vegne av Rock and Roll Forever Foundation med TeachRock prosjekt for å bidra til å forbedre læreropplevelsen i klasserommet.

[PRESSWIRE] London - 5. Juli 2018 - Um den Lehrern Anerkennung zu zeigen und die Integration von Musik in die Klassenzimmer zu fördern, ist Steven Van Zandt (von Little Steven and The Disciples of Soul und Bruce Springsteen und The E Street Band auf einer speziellen Erziehungsmission. Er tourt im Auftrag des TeachRock-Projekts der Rock and Roll Forever Foundation in Europa, um die Lernerfahrung im Klassenzimmer zu verbessern.

[PRESSWIRE] London, United Kingdom - 05 July, 2018 -- In an effort to show appreciation for school teachers and promote the integration of music into classroom studies, Steven Van Zandt (of Little Steven and The Disciples and Bruce Springsteen and E Street Band) is hosting free workshops and concerts for school teachers across Europe on behalf of The Rock and Roll Forever Foundation's TeachRock Project.

[PRESSWIRE] 5 de julio de 2018 - Londres (Reino Unido) - En un esfuerzo por mostrar su aprecio a los maestros y promover la integración de la música en las aulas, Steven Van Zandt (de Little Steven y The Disciples of Soul y Bruce Springsteen y The E Street Band) se ha embarcado en una misión educativa especial. Está de gira por Europa representando al proyecto TeachRock de la Rock and Roll Forever Foundation para contribuir a mejorar la experiencia educativa en las aulas.

[PRESSWIRE] London, United Kingdom - 05.07.18 -- The AMMT (Anjool Maldé Memorial Trust) takes great pleasure in announcing the 2018 winners of its Achievement Awards – given to the brightest and best among the UK’s young graduates. Set up in 2010 as a legacy to Anjool Maldé  (Jools to his friends, 7-7-1984 to 5-7-2009), the Trust makes annual awards with prize money and showcases winners’ achievements as an inspiration to others to ‘do good, do well’ in life and career.

[PRESSWIRE] Londra - 5 luglio 2018 -- Nel tentativo di mostrare apprezzamento per gli insegnanti e promuovere l'integrazione della musica nelle classi, Steven Van Zandt (di Little Steven and The Disciples of Soul e di Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band) è in missione educativa. Sta girando l'Europa per conto del progetto TeachRock di The Rock and Roll Forever Foundation per aiutare a migliorare l'esperienza di apprendimento in aula.