Using A Press Release Distribution Service Or Online Visibility Package (OVP) That Duplicates Or Syndicates Your Press Releases Across A Plethora Of Websites (Including News Sites) Is A Very Bad Idea. Here’s Why…

Distribution services that spread the same press release across the internet at large are still being pushed by some of the industry’s biggest operators, after all the evidence points to the fact that you will literally trash your all-important message in doing so.

Take the following example…

press release on the website of this distributor – announcing their partnership with a reseller – says its online visibility package (OVP) provides:

“The delivery of … news releases will be supported by PR Newswire …through their Online Visibility Package service…[to] deliver LMS customer messages to over 5,000 prominent news websites”.

Another distributor offers a similar service that duplicates press releases across hundreds of websites (largely, onto press release sections of regional US news companies). It even provides a list of those sites, here.

Why has this suddenly become a problem?

An article by the highly-respected Search Engine Watch site, published in January – What is Duplicate Content? – is the latest example of its kind that explains how such an approach is likely to damage your PR efforts…&

Here’s an excerpt:

So what happens to my site with the duplicated page?

  • It won’t rank for that page.
  • The weight of that page will be negligible.
  • A point against the site as a reliable source of quality, unique content will be registered.

Whole networks of websites have been built that focus only on duplicating content found elsewhere on the web in hopes of capturing search traffic. They’re not built to add value and they generally don’t.

What’s more, a lack of content quality control on such services that simply ping the same press release out across hundreds of often irrelevant websites that few actual people visit, is also a major issue, even with some of the biggest distribution companies out there, as this disastrous example or this formal press release investigation shows.

So, if you use such a service – and pay up to $500 a time for the privilege – consider that you may be actually devaluing your content’s worth to the extent that Google is being reported by experts to actually mark you down for it.

Presswire does not and will never syndicate press releases like this, across a plethora of largely irrelevant websites and onto sections of those sites designed for hosting press releases; knowing all too well the damage such action would cause to the our valued clients’ news announcements and any keywords or websites being linked to, within them.

We guarantee to send our customers’ press release materials directly to the journalists most likely to cover that news, meaning our clients get the attention they expect, and not a slap down from Google after paying for an internet-wide news ‘ping’ that only serves to devalue their content.

Please use the Contact page on our site to find out more about our tried and tested Press Release Distribution system.