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Geekflare, which presents articles on Technology, Business, and Fintech and makes Tools and APIs to help businesses grow, said of Presswire in 2023:

Presswire is a state-of-the-art SaaS platform that can send and track press releases using the industry’s leading global Media Contacts Database.

You will get tailor-built media lists for every individual release encompassing National and Regional Newspapers, Consumer Magazines, Online, Television, Radio, and Trade Magazines … from over 850,000 media contacts across the globe and track which journalists open and read the email with the help of a tracking tool.

In Summer, 2022, marketing bible HubSpot’s article “Press Release Distribution: Top 11 Services + 4 Mistakes to Avoid” said:

One standout feature from Presswire is the ability to translate your press release into any language and leverage geo-targeting to deliver it to the appropriate regions.

This distribution service also offers an advanced analytics platform, providing insight on:

  • Who opened your press release.
  • Whether your release was forwarded.
  • How many times it was read.
  • How long people spend reading it.

We’re also really happy to be working with the United Nations again, having started out with their UNITAID global health initiative division in 2010 before adding UNITAR – the UN’s Institute for Training and Research in 2022.

Here’s what they’re saying about us this year…

Your services have been amazing, bringing our materials to the media that we have not ever reached. Thank you for all your support. We are looking forward to working even closer with you.

Yoko MORITA – Team Leader, Communications at United Nations Institute for Training and Research (UNITAR)

Thanks to! They gave us two great reviews for the past two years…

First, they reviewed us in 2021, saying:

Presswire has been one of the most trusted names in the press release distribution business since 2001. Over that nearly twenty-year period, Presswire has earned a reputation as a top media database with industry-leading distribution capabilities. The core of the Presswire offering is a “live” global media contact database, which updates continually with more than 1 million different contacts.

Presswire enables firms, agencies and businesses to self-publish press releases across the company’s own network of websites, as well as across social media sites and different search engines. A key distinguishing feature of Presswire is the ability to generate bespoke lists of potential contacts. This enables crowdfunding marketer to send press releases only to the journalists or influencers most likely to write about them. All press releases can be sent as either pure text or as HTML documents with embedded videos and images. Total online distribution is over 400 news websites.

and again in 2022:

Based out of the UK, Presswire benefits from excellent PR and media contacts, a wide array of services, excellent SEO, and a quality-driven submission process, ensuring that each press release is carefully checked and edited by a team of experts. 

Presswire essentially offers a detailed, bespoke press release experience and engaging with them will mean they will talk you through all your needs and wants, working out a package which suits your app and business perfectly.  If you choose to use Presswire, ensure that you know in advance what you are hoping to achieve from your press release as this will help them plan out a suitable strategy for you.

profile for Presswire appeared on Trustpilot for the first time in 2021, and the positive vibes quickly began appearing! Here are just a few of the first comments: 

‘Professional, extremely helpful and responsive’ … ‘Effective mass audience press release distribution. Very impressive.’ … ‘It’s rare to find a PR agency that is professional, responsive, reliable and approachable, and Presswire is all these things!’ 

Also in 2021, a new Press Release Distribution comparison review on the popular media news website ContentGrip, describes Presswire as ‘a comprehensive tool’ with a ‘handy’ tracking system ‘suitable for businesses looking to send press releases in multiple languages across specific locations’. Thanks guys! 

The summer before, Presswire won Aqcuisition International’s prestigious Business Excellence Best Global Press Release Distribution Award!

You can read more about that here

Also, in 2020, the independent online European business news portal awarded Presswire higher than PRNewswire and Cision!

They said:

Presswire pride themselves on being more of a bespoke service that will ensure your press release reaches the hands of the journalists who are most likely to be interested and publish a story on it. The way they achieve this is by tailoring a unique series of lists taken from their media database, which is said to contain over half a million contacts across local and national newspapers, magazines, TV, radio and online networks.

Your press release can be sent out via their website if you register with Presswire, or directly if you drop them an email. Choose between HTML or pure text, and the option to embed videos or images is included in the price. They’ll even test your press release to ensure it doesn’t end up heading straight to the spam box.

All of this customisation and added extras without further cost are fantastic for small businesses. You will end up spending a bit more, but at least that guarantees your content will get to those most likely to write about what you send them.

Here’s one from Philip Wylonis, Co-founder of

We use – I can highly recommend this platform if you have a little money to use.

And over on, Martin Deeson just gave us five stars, and called our system ‘A Powerful Tool’.

He said:

As someone who spent 20 years in magazine editorial (for GQ, Loaded, Square Mile and others) and working as a freelance writer I know that perhaps the majority of press releases are mis-directed or irrelevant to the editor they are sent to. Two years ago I crossed over to the other side and established a PR company (Deeson & Deeson) specialising in publicity for High Net Worth individuals and PR for the music industry. I those two years I found that probably the single biggest challenge was finding a reliable database of media contacts in the UK and abroad.

I have tried a couple of different products and been very disappointed with the accuracy of their information. Since joining Presswire three months ago I have used the media contacts database on a daily basis and found it an invaluable tool for reaching the right person, on the right title or media outlet. Of course, the media is an industry with an often rapid turnaround of staff and so there will always be occasional times when the person indicated for a particular job has moved on, but I find Presswire to be the most accurate source yet for such information and overall I am very happy with the product.”

And Lavazza USA called our Press Release Distribution system an ‘Excellent service’. They said:

Presswire is one of the best press release services out there for corporate disclosure and news release distribution, for big or small companies. We’ve been using them for about five years and they keep getting us good exposure through targeting the right journalists for our sector, and syndicating releases across their own online network, which also helps our SEO. The only downside is their website and use-interface is a bit old and hasn’t changed for a few years, but one of their account managers told me they’re launching a whole new system this year, for Distribution, Media Monitoring and Public Relations, so we’re looking forward to seeing that.

The great news is that the new system Lavazza mentioned has now been launched, and we can consequently now give all of our clients direct access to our Media Database directly through our new, redeveloped website and back-office system!

The leading online resource for customer service and customer experience professionals,, said about us in its article ‘7 Easy Tips to get the Most of Your Press Release’…

Send it to the Right People: There is absolutely no way to generate buzz with your release without sending it to the right contacts. While, you probably have few of your own, it’s always a good idea to seek PR professionals or services, where you can obtain additional contacts. Some services like even offer the ability to automatically send your content to huge database of relevant media contacts.

Meanwhile, over at the UK-based SkillsYouNeed site, their review of us states:

Presswire is the best press release distribution service based in London. Their services include global media contacts database management, media monitoring, press release tracking, and the creation of social media intelligence reports. A SaaS platform offers the best press release distribution services that include release distribution and syndication by category and region. Locations comprise the US, Canada, Latin America, Europe, and Asia. You Can Get Up to 500,000 Visitors Per Month via their strong EPR Network, which is affiliated with 30+ industry-specific PR blogs, 12 U.S. State-based PR websites, and other premium verticals.

These reviews and user comments echo the many references we supply from satisfied Presswire clients on our website, many of whom came over to us from other big-name Media Contacts Database, Press Release Distribution and Media Monitoring providers.

If you’re looking to send press releases, subscribe to a media database or media monitoring for press coverage, drop us a line here.

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