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Combined Knowledge Launches SharePoint 2010 End User Adoption Product

[PRESSWIRE] 22.08.2011 -- Combined Knowledge, one of the World’s leading SharePoint Training Providers has launched a new SharePoint 2010 End User Adoption Product, which provides organizations with the ability to support their end users following the deployment of SharePoint 2010.

SecPoint Penetrator awarded top marks by IT security bible

[PRESSWIRE] Copenhagen, Denmark. 17.08.11 -- Widely-respected SC Magazine for IT Security Professionals has awarded SecPoint's Penetrator system 5/5 for Features, Ease of use, Documentation and Support, giving the groundbreaking product full marks, overall.

Mobile Versus Online Research

[PRESSWIRE] 29.07.2011 Los Angeles, CALIFORNIA –- Resolve Market Research, Cint and Thumbspeak partner to compare survey results using both online and smartphones. Brands and researchers can leverage the mobile phone in tandem with online surveys – and expect equivalent results In a study performed by Resolve Market Research, and powered by Cint with Thumbspeak, the parallel results suggest that marketers can now reach consumers in a contextually relevant, real-time setting.

The Entire Navigation and Location Industries Unite in San Jose to Talk Tech, Strategy...And Do Business

[PRESSWIRE] 12.07.2011 -- Location enabled services – check-in, voucher redemption, local search and social networking apps – are rapidly coming of age. And while location based advertising is still in its infancy, it is predicted that revenue will rocket to $1.8 billion in 2015.

GGA Software Services Delivers Electronic Laboratory Notebook Data Query Service Definition to Pistoia Alliance

[PRESSWIRE] 11.07.2011, Cambridge, MA -- GGA Software Services, a leading provider of scientific informatics services, has delivered an electronic laboratory notebook (ELN) query service definition to the Pistoia Alliance, completing an important milestone in Pistoia’s program of developing an industry-standard query interface for ELN data.

SecPoint Portable Penetrator gets top review amidst hacking chaos

[PRESSWIRE] 27.06.2011 -- Journalists may apply for a VMware review model of its acclaimed Portable Penetrator following another top press review, in Network Security Magazine. The award-winning Penetrator is offered at a time of ongoing major-level breaches by international hacking groups...

Epyon tuo markkinoille kayttoliittymia taustatoimintojen liittamiseksi sahkoajoneuvojen pikalatureihin

[PRESSWIRE] 30.05.11, RIJSWIJK, Alankomaat -- Terra DC -latausasemat tulevat tukemaan OCPP:tä ja muita johtavia verkkoprotokollia. Epyon Power, Euroopan johtava sähköajoneuvoille tarkoitettujen älykkäiden pikalatausratkaisujen toimittaja, ilmoitti tänään yhteensopivuudesta OCPP-protokollan (Open Charge Point Protocol) kanssa ja kertoi, että se tulee tukemaan myös muita yleisesti käytettyjä taustatoimintojen sulauttamiseen käytettyjä standardeja.

Epyon lance des interfaces pour permettre l’integration de son back-office ou service de gestion pour ses Chargeurs Rapides pour Voitures Electriques

[PRESSWIRE] 30.05.11, RIJSWIJK, Pays Bas -- Les stations de recharge Terra DC fourniront du support au OCPP et à d’autres protocoles du réseau principal. Epyon Power, le premier fournisseur européen de solutions d’intelligence pour la recharge rapide des voitures électriques, a annoncé aujourd’hui la compatibilité avec le Protocole de Points de Recharge Publiques (OCPP pour son sigle en anglais) et a déclaré que cela couvrira aussi d’autres normes d’usage courant pour l’intégration de son back-office ou service de gestion.

Epyon utgir grensesnitt for a muliggjore back-office integrasjon av sine EV hurtigladere

[PRESSWIRE] 30.05.11, Rijswijk, Nederland -- Terra DC ladestasjoner skal støtte OCPP og andre ledende nettverksprotokoller. Epyon Power, den ledende europeiske leverandøren av intelligente løsninger for hurtiglading av elektriske biler, har idag kunngjort at Epyons hurtigladere er kompatibele med den Open Charge Point Protocol (OCPP) og at den vil også støtte andre mye brukte standarder for back-office integrasjon.

SecPoint launches new Partner Program for resellers

[PRESSWIRE] 05.04.11 -- Leading global IT security provider SecPoint has today launched a new franchise partner programme to bring its award-winning systems to the wider market...