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Domain Computer Services Merges with Tier One Technology Partners to Create Leading Premium MSP Platform

[PRESSWIRE] Cranbury Township, NJ – October 05, 2020 -- Frontenac Completes Recapitalization in Partnership with Management to Accelerate Growth Opportunities...



[PRESSWIRE] Brussels – 01 October, 2020 -- In response to today’s launch by Google of their “News Showcase”, EPC Executive Director Angela Mills Wade said: “It is clear that Google is feeling the pressure of legislation and government action designed to bring them to the negotiating table.”


TSUBASA+ est lancé dans les régions européennes!

[PRESSWIRE] MIRAIRE, TOKYO-YOKOHAMA : le jeu TSUBASA+ en réalité augmentée sur téléphone portable est sorti aujourd'hui dans les principales régions européennes (TSUBASA Plus


TSUBASA+ lançado nas regiões européias!

[PRESSWIRE] MIRAIRE (Miraire,, matriz: Yokohama, Presidente e CEO: Yuta Shiga, de agora em diante MIRAIRE) lançou hoje nas principais regiões da Europa o jogo de realidade aumentada TSUBASA+ (Tsubasa Plus para smartphones.


TSUBASA+ Released in Seven European Regions: Andres Iniesta appointed as first official supporter

[PRESSWIRE] MIRAIRE, TOKYO-YOKOHAMA – 30 September, 2020 -- TSUBASA+ real-world gameplay on mobile phones released today in seven European regions: United Kingdom, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Belgium and Netherlands (TSUBASA Plus


TSUBASA+ lanzado en las regiones europeas!

[PRESSWIRE] MIRAIRE Inc. (Miraire,, sede: Yokohama, presidente: Yuta Shiga) ha lanzado hoy el juego TSUBASA+ (, un juego basado en el mundo real, para teléfonos inteligentes en las principales regiones europeas.


TSUBASA+ in europäischen Regionen freigegeben!

[PRESSWIRE] MIRAIRE Inc. (; Hauptsitz: Yokohama, Japan; Präsident und CEO: Mr. Yuta Shiga; im Folgenden: "MIRAIRE") veröffentlichte heute das Real World Game für Smartphones "TSUBASA+" in ausgewählten Ländern Europas.


TSUBASA +在歐洲地區發布!


[PRESSWIRE] 今天,股份公司MIRAIRE、公司落座于横濱市西區、代表董事社長:志賀雄太、以下稱MIRAIRE)在歐洲主要地區公開了在智慧型手機上遊玩的現實世界遊戲「TSUBASA+(」。


تم إصدار TSUBASA + في المناطق الأوروبية

MIRAIRE،TOKYO-YOKOHAMA: تسوباسا+ لعبة واقعية على الهواتف المحمولة التي تم إصدارها اليوم في المناطق الأوروبية الرئيسية


TSUBASA+ rilasciato nelle regioni europee!

[PRESSWIRE] MIRAIRE Inc. (Miraire,, sede: Yokohama-shi Nishi-ku, CEO: Yuta Shiga, di seguito solo "Miraire") ha rilasciato oggi nei principali paesi europei TSUBASA+ (Tsubasa Plus, un gioco di realtà aumentata per dispositivi mobili.