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[PRESSWIRE] Brussels - 12 December 2019 -- 85% of parents whose children make in-game purchases have agreements with their children, a significant increase from last year (from 79% in 2018 to 85% in 2019), according to a new GameTrack survey published this week.  


Which? tech company would you trust this Xmas?

[PRESSWIRE] London, United Kingdom – 11 December, 2019 -- A new survey by respected Which? Magazine reveals that 93% of people have bought online in the last twelve months, and when it comes to buying tech online, you might be surprised by the results!

Verra Announces New Methodology for the Reduction of Enteric Methane Emissions from Ruminants

[PRESSWIRE] Switzerland - 6 December, 2019 -- Methane emissions that result from the digestive process of livestock are responsible for approximately 30% of global anthropogenic methane emissions. These enteric methane emissions are a result of fermentation that occurs as biomass consumed is broken down in the digestive system of ruminants, such as cattle, sheep or goats.


2020 tech trends survey by Triad Group Plc finds IT industry overwhelmingly positive about the future, keen to embrace new technologies but facing budgetary pressure

[PRESSWIRE] London – 4 December, 2019 -- Keen to understand the attitudes of technology experts in the UK and beyond, Triad Group Plc ran a 2020 tech trends survey during October 2019. The survey asked members of the IT community to share their insights on future trends and views on adoption rates for different technologies during the next decade.

OpenText Commences Tender Offer for Carbonite, Inc.

 [PRESSWIRE] WATERLOO, Ontario, Nov. 25, 2019 -- OpenText™ (NASDAQ: OTEX) (TSX: OTEX), a market leader in Enterprise Information Management (EIM) software and solutions, announced today that it has commenced its previously announced tender offer for all outstanding shares of common stock of Carbonite, Inc. (NASDAQ: CARB) at a price of U.S. $23.00 per share, through its subsidiary, Coral Merger Sub Inc.

Netrix, LLC Planning to Grow US-based Employment by 20% Based on Client Demand for Microsoft Focused Professional Services

[PRESSWIRE] United States - 20 November, 2019 — Netrix, LLC, announces plans for growing more than 20% of their domestic workforce in the next 12 months.


LeanIX Announces Keynote and Speakers for EA Connect Days Europe 2019

[PRESSWIRE] United States - 11 September, 2019 -- LeanIX, the leading global provider of Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solutions in Enterprise Architecture Management (EAM), today announced the keynote lineup and full speaker list for its sixth annual EA Connect Days Europe taking place November 26-27, 2019 in Bonn, Germany at the World Conference Center. Each year, more than 400 Enterprise Architects, CIOs, and IT leaders attend to discuss, deliberate and resolve the most significant topics and challenges of EA and beyond.

Best Point to Point Wireless Bridge - Teletics ZipLine 58™

 [PRESSWIRE] CALGARY, Alberta, Oct. 24, 2019 -- Teletics, a market leading manufacturer of wireless systems for harsh environments, has today announced the general availability of ZipLine 58™, a point to point wireless bridge that provides one or two wireless phone lines plus up to 30 Mbps data throughput. This low-cost system operates in the 5.8 GHz license free band to eliminate interference from WiFi, plus it provides high security with AES grade encryption.

Five Year Anniversary of StratEx Record-breaking Space Jump

 [PRESSWIRE] TUCSON, Ariz., Oct. 24, 2019 -- Today marks the five year anniversary of a major scientific, technological and commercial achievement – the high altitude balloon jump executed by former Google executive Alan Eustace, a feat led by Paragon Space Development Corporation® (Paragon) and its StratEx team. 



[PRESSWIRE] Sochi, Russia - 24 October, 2019 -- The Synthestech Company, has the pleasure to invite the international press and its members to a press conference entitled: A big step in the fight against aging.