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This Week’s Must Read: UJA - The Book That Changed Jamaica

[PRESSWIRE] London, United Kingdom - 07 February, 2019 -- Thanks to solar power, Jamaica’s future is bright in Ira Poyser’s visionary debut novel, which imagines the Caribbean island as a powerhouse of economics, sport and global affairs.

WMB 8-9-10 March 2019 Boscomantico Airport (Verona) Italy

[PRESSWIRE] Italy - 01 February, 2019 -- Women Motors Bootcamp, female only event and campus, 8-9-10 march, Boscomantico Airport (Verona) Italy.

Loro Parque and Poema del Mar join other aquariums and the European Commission to fight against plastic

[PRESSWIRE] Puerto de La Cruz - November 7, 2018 -- As part of their commitment to the protection of wild species and their natural habitats, Loro Parque and Poema del Mar have decided to join forces with the European Commission and the United Nations Environment Programme, as well as other international partners, to launch a coalition of aquariums to fight plastic pollution. Aquariums around the world will organise permanent activities at their facilities and change their policies to eliminate all single-use plastic items.

Andy Warholidays: Celebrate the holidays Warhol-style with Long-Sharp Gallery in NYC

[PRESSWIRE] New York, NY – 06 November, 2018: Andy Warholidays is a micro-exhibit dedicated to Andy Warhol’s affinity for the holidays and his penchant to create works as holiday gifts for friends and colleagues.

Multilingual ABC book launching the 23 october

[PRESSWIRE] Italy - 23 October, 2018 -- ABC x6 multilingual alphabet, an ABC book designed to help children to learn the letters of the alphabet and at the same time to intrigue them in languages is launching on Kickstarter on 23 Oct 2018.

Chuck No Risk asks how well does the simulation game FIFA 19 depict reality?

[PRESSWIRE] Berlin - 28 September, 2018 -- Chuck no Risk provides a glimpse into FIFA 19 and compared the players' ratings with their real strength. They have given detailed know-how of the game for the anticipating gamers and sports fanatics.

Loro Parque welcomes a newborn calf of the orca Morgan

[PRESSWIRE] Tenerife - 24 September, 2018 -- Loro Parque has good news to share: the orca Morgan that was rescued after being found near dead near the coast of the Wadden Sea in the Netherlands and that forms part of our group of orcas, gave birth to her first calf this morning, which finds itself in a perfect state of health. From the very first moment, Morgan demonstrated to be an exemplary mother attending to her newborn, which is swimming next to its mother in the installations of the ‘OrcaOcean’.


[PRESSWIRE] Amsterdam/Salzburg - 5 September, 2018 -- Dua Lipa, l’énorme star de la chanson britanno-kosovare, a entrepris une collaboration avec Jaguar pour faire de la musique d’une manière complètement nouvelle. À l’aide de logiciels spécialement créés par Jaguar, elle a créé un remix exclusif de son dernier tire, « Want To », et a demandé à ses fans du monde entier de créer des remix de leur cru – en se servant de leur façon de conduire, des chansons qu’ils écoutent ou en tapant simplement un rythme sur un mobile.


[PRESSWIRE] Amsterdam/Salzburg - 5 September, 2018 -- L’auteure-compositrice-interprète britannique/kosovare Dua Lipa a collaboré avec Jaguar pour créer de la musique de manière inédite. À l’aide du logiciel spécialement développé par Jaguar, la chanteuse a créé un remix exclusif de son dernier morceau, « Want To », et permet à ses fans du monde entier de créer des versions remixées personnalisées en utilisant leurs propres données : selon leur style de conduite, les chansons qu’ils écoutent, ou bien en tapotant un rythme sur un appareil mobile.

Dua Lipa und Jaguar veröffentlichen gemeinsamen Musik-Track – jeder Fan kann seinen eigenen Remix kreieren


[PRESSWIRE] Amsterdam/Kronberg, 5. September 2018 – Dua Lipa und Jaguar kreieren auf völlig neue Weise Musik. Mit maßgeschneiderter Jaguar Software mischte die Künstlerin einen exklusiven Remix des jüngsten Titels „Want To“ ab. Damit nicht genug! Dua Lipa und Jaguar ermöglichen den Fans auf der ganzen Welt, ihren persönlichen Remix zu erstellen; über eine App können durch die Spotify-Playlist entsprechend dem eigenen Musikstil oder durch rhythmisches Klopfen auf das Smartphone neue Versionen erstellt werden. Gäste in Amsterdam können zudem eine Song-Version kreieren, die durch die aufgezeichneten Daten während einer Fahrt im Jaguar I-PACE entsteht.