Zenises is the First Tyre Company in the World to Accept Bitcoin for all Transactions

Zenises is going to be the first tyre company in the world to accept Bitcoin for all its transactions both off line and online. Zenises has been working to develop the technology at its newly launched technology centre in Madrid and working with several experts in the Blockchain world.

Harjeev Kandhari stated that, “Blockchain technology and Cryptocurrencies are the way forward in the world today. We believe that being a customer centric company we must move with the times and offer our customers more options than just fiat currency payments. Moreover this lowers the cost of transactions for all parties involved and provides more value to our customers. We have already received our first payment in Bitcoin and all systems are go! We are now working on the platforms to accept other cryptocurrencies in the near future.”

Web: http://www.avalonprplus.com