XBRL International certifies Ez-XBRL’s Integix Platform



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XBRL International is a global organization founded to improve the accountability and transparency of business performance globally, by providing the open data exchange standard for business reporting.


“We are very pleased to have received the certification as it supports our ongoing commitment to delivering quality solutions to our clients and is a testament to the hard work and efforts of our team,” said Aneet Kumar, President Ez-XBRL Solutions Inc.


Ez XBRL is a global provider of Regulatory compliance and analytics solutions. In addition to supporting mandates like US SEC, UK HMRC, South Africa CIPC, US FERC. Ez XBRL has been successfully helping clients in European Union for the ESMA/ESEF mandate over the last year.


Integix uses Ez-XBRL’s patented algorithms, Natural Language Processing, Machine Learning, and Artificial Intelligence to bring unparalleled automation to the filing process enabling our customers to complete a filing in a significantly shorter time. In addition, Ez XBRL offers XOR, an integrated workflow management platform for collaboration, review, and validation thereby further streamlining the reporting process.


About Ez-XBRL


Headquartered in the USA, Ez-XBRL Solutions, Inc. supports customers in several other countries including the UK, India, the Republic of South Africa, and the European Union. Ez-XBRL provides products and services in Financial Regulatory Compliance and Financial Analytics. Our web-based applications are designed to be extremely user-friendly, accurate, and portable among computing devices.


Our products and solutions teams leverage significant expertise and experience in financial reporting, XBRL, natural language processing, big data, and cloud-based software platforms. Our services and support teams are highly rated for their focus on customer problems and for their ability to go the extra step to exceed customer expectations.


To find out more about us and our other products & solutions please visit: https://ez-xbrl.com/


Reach out to us at [email protected] for any business-related queries