WORLD’S OLDEST PERSON TURNS 117: María Branyas Morera One of 11 People to Reach Milestone

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Born on the Pacific Coast in the US city of San Francisco in 1907, Sra. Branyas emigrated with her family to Catalonia in 1915 and has lived in the region for over a century. Recognized as the Oldest Living Person in Spain since December 2019, Sra. Branyas is also the oldest person ever born in the U.S. state of California and the oldest emigrant in world history.

LongeviQuest Chief Executive Ben Meyers, who met Sra. Branyas in March 2023, states, “María Branyas Morera’s longevity has entered historic territory. Having met her a year ago, I am not surprised she has reached this milestone. She is surrounded by loving family, friends, and caregivers and she seemed to have a zest for life. We wish her utmost happiness as she celebrates her birthday with her loved ones.”

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