The World’s First Strategy Racing Game launches in November


Players around the world can race against each other in simultaneously moves, playing in a real time mode . Initially we will launch the game for the iPad, after which it will be launched for all other mobile platforms during 2014.

Prizes in real money in the form of vouchers
Our players can win Vouchers, which they can use to buy real products in our Webshop. Chase Race will allocate some of our advertising revenues back to the players, so they can win prizes that they can use to buy iTunes Gift Cards with. Then, when our players cash in their gift card in their Apple account, they can shop among more than 300,000 known products in the AppStore. There are books, music, apps and various kinds of: “in app purchase “, just like we’re used to.

The cars run according to a formula that is under patenting, so they run realistic
There is no luck or chance in Chase Race. You only need your strategic skills to win a Chase Race game. 

When you mix strategy and speed, you will experience a whole new gaming experience.

Watch the Chase Race video
Click here to watch the video.

Exciting feautures in Chase Race
Click here to get an idea of the many game features.

Every year the Chase Race World Championship appoints a player and TeamSponsor as World Champions
The first world champions will be announced in November 2014. There be a total of 52 heats in Chase Race World Championship and the player with the highest win percentage will be crowned. Team Sponsor World Champion is the team that has the highest win percentage when all the drivers in the team are counted. In the Hall of Fame players will be able to follow developments in the rankings. There will be real cash prizes to the World Masters.

Prize counter on:
On our website we have allready started the counter for the total prize for the first Chase Race World Champion. We count up to a maximum of € 100.000 in 2013/14, and it is the players themselves who determine how high we reach. The more players, the more advertising income we have to contribute to the prize pool. In our menu NEWS you can read more about the championship.

Six categories of drivers, divided into 33 levels
After a driver has taken his racing license, he or she can participate in the many types of racing. You start as a novice and update to Rookie. After this you become Trainee, Driver and ProDriver to ending up as Chase Racer. Every time you upgrade to a new player level, you get the right to participate in new activities in Chase Race. For example: you can only participate in the world championship when you have the rank of Chase Racer.

Link to the beta version on PC
We have made a beta version for your PC and Mac for journalists, to test the game and get an initial impression of Chase Race.

Click here to start up the beta version. Take the racing license and test the game platform. We look forward to your comments.

288 daily free tournaments with cash prizes.
You can join our coupon race for free and win cash prizes in the form of Vouchers, which the players can purchase real products for. Every 5 minutes, around the clock, a new game starts.

A PDF of this release is available here.

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