World Record 10K Time Falls at Spira ‘Defy The Ban’ 10K Race

Kimaiyo edged out countryman Isaac Kimaiyo by three seconds, finishing in 26:01.2, and smashing Haile Gebrselassie’s world’s fastest 10K record.

Gebrselassie’s time of 27:02 was also bested by Kenyan Joseph Koech, who finished third in 27:01.9.

A world record was narrowly missed in the women’s division, as Hyvon Ngetich of Kenya finished in 30:26.5, five seconds off the world record set by Paula Ratcliffe set in 2003. Eddy Hellebuyck of the United States won the Spira race Master’s Division in 30:28.9, just shy of the American age group record in the 45-49 age division set by Dennis Simonaitis of 30:08 last month.

All of the top finisher’s ran in shoes manufactured by renegade footwear maker, Spira, whose shoes contain WaveSpring Technology ( USA Track and Field Rule 143 specifically bans spring technology for competition.

The USATF certified course was a point to point, with the race beginning at an elevation of 5,100 feet and finishing at 3,850 feet.

For his efforts, Kimaiyo won a $10,000 bonus for setting a world record and for wearing Spira shoes.

“It would take five years to in Kenya to earn this much money. I just earned that amount in 26 minutes,” Kimaiyo said.

El Paso based Spira gained notoriety earlier this year, when Oleg Strijakov of Russia won the Master’s Division at the Boston Marathon in the banned shoe. A month later, David Cheruiyot won the Ottawa Marathon and set a course record of 2:10:35 and a personal best by 2 1/2 minutes. Since that time, elite runners are beginning to discover the Spira spring technology.

“If there was any lingering doubt concerning the validity of the WaveSpring technology, it was erased today,” Spira CEO Andrew Krafsur said Sunday.
“Hopefully, the USATF will overturn the rule that bans our shoes, and allow for competition without fear of disqualification.”

Results 2007 Spira “Defy the Ban” 10k

1. Hillary Kimaiyo (Kenya) 26:01.2
2. Isaac Kimaiyo (Kenya) 26:04.2
3. Joseph Koech (Kenya) 27:01.9
* Received World Record Bonus

1. Hyvon Ngetich (Kenya) 30:26.4
2. Jacqueline Nytepi (Kenya) 31:31.4
3. Alicia Rodriguez (Mexico) 32:16.9