World premiere of Marc Ryan movie ‘Ducky Duck’


What makes this animated film “Ducky Duck” so outstanding?

Is it the fun, action-packed and emotional story?

It’s basically about a journalist (Ducky) who has a little problem with the truth sometimes, therefore gets almost fired but at the end by coincidence humbles into the story of her life.

Or is it the unusual characters and figures?

Ducky is a duck, her colleagues are dogs, other major roles are performed by mosquitoes …

It’s probably a mixture out of all these mentioned things, additionally set in scene with a lot of feelings, experience and knowledge and supported by a peppy soundtrack which even contains some songs like
“Newspaper – funky”, “Amanama” or the instrumental “Soft Breeze”which could easily find their way into the international charts!

One of the composers of this soundtrack, Harald Winkler, right now got the international highly respected “Prestige Music Award” and the “Gold Palm 2015” (Mexico Film Festival) for another production, the music video “Vampire – The Flight of the Bumblebee”, produced as well by the same team as “Ducky Duck”. Another impressive proof of the quality of “Ducky Duck”!

Really a fantasy – movie for the whole family from grandchild to Grandpa, lots of action but no one gets killed. One or the other may perhaps recognize situations which have a lot to do with our reality, but – it is really “just” an entertaining fairy tale!


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Eureka, CA (USA), 05.02.2015
Malta (EUROPE)
St.Tropez (EUROPE)
Mexico City (MEXICO)