WMB 8-9-10 March 2019 Boscomantico Airport (Verona) Italy

2018 women Motors Bootcamp photo Domitillaq (61 of 124)

From Friday 8th March to Sunday 10th March 2019, Verona (Italy) there will be the first edition of the Women Motors Bootcamp. A Female only event that involves all participants and from simple spectators makes them Protagonists through Courses and training activities related to the world of two wheels and Airplanes.

The event is called WOMEN MOTORS BOOTCAMP:

Women: access is reserved only for women, even for staff we are trying to reduce male presence to a minimum

Motors: plural, which stands for engines, both 2 wheels and airplanes

Bootcamp: a training activity for experts and beginners. This is an important thing to stress, is the first event in which girls even without a license can be protagonists in all activities

The activities included in which the participants will compete are:

  • Motorcycle Starting Course (1st Gear up, also without Motorbike license)
  • Course of Motorcycle Mechanics and Maintenance
  • Flattrack Exercises and presentation of the Di Traverso School by Marco Belli
  • Motorally course (how does a Moto Rally work, GPS, Roadbook)
  • Welding Course

One of the peculiarities of the event is that being in an airport we also have the possibility to make:

  • Ultralight Tourist Flight over Lake Garda
  • Tandem Skydiving over Lake Garda

An unusual weekend, a female only time, the perfect occasion to experiment, share with other women passions, doubts, weaknesses and knowledge of the motorcycle and airplanes. The spirit of WMB is to encourage girls to try new things, to overcome their limits, to destroy barriers and prejudices.

 A time that is only for us women, to be able to find ourselves, to learn and be entertained without the fear of being judged, corrected, teased. An area to which only subscribed women will have access without any male influence or stress from the outside world.

From an idea of Domitilla Quadrelli, WMB is born in 2018, starting from the concept of an American style bootcamp. An Event for Rookies and for Expert Riders as well. We wanted to go further test rides and give them an interesting content that girls can take home as a baggage of experience and knowledge of the bike and the whole world of two wheels and airplanes.

With 40% of the bootcamp participants ranging from 18 to 25 years old, we have a very young audience of girls and therefore more inclined to social sharing.

In order to get them involved in the creation of photo and video content during WMB weekend, we will launch a Photo Contest on social networks where all participants will have access by posting on the main social networks the photos that portray their experience at Bootcamp with the hashtag #wmbootcamp

Together with Sponsors and Partners we will choose the 12 photos that best represent the spirit of the WMB and the girls who are the authors of the photos will win 12 prizes from our sponsors, such a

A unique and symbolic Location, a place that marked history in the manufacture of airships during World War II, then turned into into a military base and more recently converted as tourist airport. An area of 29,000 square meters, a village where girls can meet, talk, discuss and share their passion for engines, motorcycles, airplanes.

The website with the Bootcamp registrations is already online


https://www.wmbootcamp.com/events/wm-bootcamp  to tickets

IG: https://www.instagram.com/wmbootcamp/

FB: https://www.facebook.com/events/828355600840529/

For any inquiries: [email protected]