WinCan Europe Goes Underground to Celebrate 15-Year Anniversary

Those in attendance explored brick sewers dating back to the 1840s, ranging in size from 60 to 120 inches and stretching more than 100 miles.

“What a fitting way to celebrate 15 years in a market where WinCan holds the dominant share,” said Paul Woodhouse, Managing Director for WinCan Europe. “With that kind of success, many companies would rest on their laurels, but we’re busier than ever refining new platforms like WinCan Web, which brings workflow management, team coordination and results sharing and analysis to the cloud.”

Originally developed by CD-Lab in Switzerland in the early 1990s, WinCan was the original software for sewer line maintenance and structural information. Today it is the worldwide market leader, with globally deployed sales, training and support resources. “WinCan Europe is one of our most successful companies,” said CD-Lab General Manager Martin Hien. “We now have direct presences in the UK, Germany, Switzerland, Japan and the United States. This global scale ensures us the resources and market intelligence we need to keep innovating ahead of the competition.”

About WinCan. WinCan™ was the original pipe inspection and asset management software when it entered the market 20 years ago. Today, it’s the most trusted pipeline software brand worldwide, thanks to continuous innovation and exceptional support. WinCan™ transforms raw inspection data into the intelligence municipalities and contractors need to make critical maintenance decisions. The software’s measurement tools help quantify defects, and sophisticated search capabilities filter observations by any combination of criteria. Its report generator automatically summarizes inspection findings using a standard or user-defined template. Native support for GIS mapping, cloud deployment, side-scanning and 3D are among WinCan’s most innovative features.


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