Which? tech company would you trust this Xmas?


It’s Love Ebuyer, Actually!

With an 82% customer approval rating, ebuyer.com, based in Howden, East Yorkshire has ranked above Amazon, Apple, Currys/PC World and Ebay, based on a combination of: value for money, product range, ease of ordering, deliveries and product quality.

“We’ve worked incredibly hard to ensure that we provide the right priced products with exceptional customer care,” said Ebuyer Commerce Director Andrew Roberts. “The Which? Report reveals that seven out of ten people would like to support the high street – but they shop online because that’s where the best deals are. We’re working hard to ensure that we make the whole process as efficient as possible. 82% is a great approval rating, but we’re aiming much higher than that!”

Avoid a nightmare before Xmas!

The Which? Customer survey questioned over seven and a half thousand shoppers during a six-month in 2019. Customers were asked how satisfied they were with retailers and how likely they would be to recommend them.

The survey recommends shoppers use trusted companies and bands especially at this time of year to prevent disappointment. Other tips include: sign up for newsletters for the latest offers and sales news, watch out for fake reviews, and make sure you check returns policies before purchasing.

Ebuyer also suggests placing your order in good time, as deliveries could well be unpredictable in the last few days before Xmas. If you leave it too late, you could well be forced-out in to the last-minute Xmas scuffles on the high-street!


For more information please contact Graham Hey on graham.hey@ebuyer.com or 01430433731.

Established in 1999 Ebuyer is based in Howden, East Yorkshire and is a specialist online retailer of electronics and technology. They stock over 30,000 products on their website and fulfil over 20,000 orders per week.

Ebuyer (UK) Limited
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