Washington DC Ground Transportation Company, Connect, Shares Tips for Preparing for a Summer Wine Tour

Whether you’re taking on the task of planning your own personal wine tour or choosing a wine tour package offered by a local winery or transportation company, preparing the perfect summer wine tour comes down to several key decisions.

Type of Tour. The first step of planning your winery getaway, is determining whether you want to plan your own summer tour, or stick with a package. Preparing your own tour often comes with more stress; having to coordinate both transportation and location visits, while also trying to enjoy the time spent during the tour. Choosing a wine tour package may reduce some stress and chaos, but you should still be cautious of which winery you decide to purchase from since one may provide a better experience, or offer a better tour package, than another. Consider bringing snacks or lunch if you would like to save money and have more options to choose from, other than what the vineyards serve.

Location. Determining which winery or wineries you’re visiting is essential. First, decide how many locations you’d like to visit throughout the tour. If you and your party wish to visit multiple wineries, you may have to adjust the locations you choose by selecting vineyards that are not too far apart. Some winery packages have a set amount of stops and usually limit the tour to 3 or 4 locations, but provide you with the option to lengthen your tour and visit additional venues, or even shorten the amount of stops and spend the majority of your time at your favorite vineyards, if you choose to do so.

Compare the different kinds of wineries around you by visiting online social media pages and websites, taking time to look into customer reviews and feedback on specific locations. You can use popular local review sites to filter out your options and see what those around you have said about the business and their overall experience.

Weather. Regardless of the type of tour you’re preparing for, the weather is a staple that can make or break a wine tour. Aim for warm days with lots of sunshine so you are able to completely enjoy the beautiful landscaped grounds of the various vineyards. However, since weather is unpredictable, you should choose a vineyard that has options for indoor and outdoor seating. In the case that it does start raining while on the tour, you have the option to move inside and continue enjoying the day.

Tourists. Plan your event on the day of the week that the least amount of tourists will be out enjoying their own summer wine tour. Look for off peak days to sit, relax, and enjoy the experience of a summer wine tour without crowds of tourists causing traffic jams, and fully-booked wineries. When possible, you should aim to visit wineries early in the day to avoid the crowds, as well as book your tour in advance to ensure that a table is reserved for you and your guests.

Choosing the perfect time, place, and type of tour can shape your event and leave you with a memorable experience. With these tips, you and your guests will be sure to prepare and enjoy a successful summer wine tour this year.

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