The W3s Group


The W3S group is a global Web3 venture studio.

We support, develop and invest in Web3-powered companies building tomorrow’s open economy.

We are experienced entrepreneurs, technologists, designers, marketers and makers looking to address the world’s most important challenges and opportunities. 

Our team of crypto-natives bring strategic and regulatory insights, deep technological expertise, operational capabilities and forward-thinking capital to empower organisations and startups to take advantage of Web3 technology and innovation to build a better and more sustainable economy.

We have supported a variety of Web3 projects, including blockchain-based video platforms, agriculture technologies, cyber-security dApps, decentralised art curation, NFTs and cryptocurrencies, as well as decentralised finance (DeFi) and decentralised autonomous organisations (DAOs).

We are always looking for ambitious entrepreneurs and organisations to help them launch their next big project and enable Web3 innovation at scale.

We partner with startups and organisations to help them build, scale and operate web3-solutions that create the greatest impact on business and society. 

We help identify opportunities for adopting the Web3 technologies that maximise the potential of your business. Such as integrating dApps into your existing product or service offering or by building new products or services that leverage the decentralised web.

We advise on technology and infrastructure to help you design and build new products and services using Web3 technologies, such as blockchain and decentralised applications (dApps), with immediate and tangible benefits to your customers at scale. 

We architect roadmaps for adaptation and help scale the opportunities quickly to accelerate performance and growth. Including recommendations for how to implement and market the solution, training employees, building key partnerships and attracting investments. 

Our approach is fast, robust and iterative to generate both immediate and long-term impact. We are always committed for the long-term, dedicated to excellence and profound value creation for all stakeholders.