From Veeva Systems to emerging digital innovation company, Jan van den Burg is on the move



As VP of Commercial Strategy at Veeva Systems – a leader in cloud-based software for the life sciences industry – Jan van den Burg has been focused on customer success through aligning Veeva’s commercial suite of applications, with the development of business strategies for European commercial life sciences functions.


The move to Tangent90 presents a tremendous opportunity to extend the support to Pharma in their delivery of valued and meaningful engagement with healthcare professionals, by sharing the scientific content they value, wherever they are.


“I have been working with the team at Tangent90 on the Trustrack Veeva partnership for the last couple of years and it has become clear to me that their time is now. It is rare when a unique solution solves an unmet, urgent challenge, and Trustrack does just that.


There is real momentum building in Pharma companies deploying Trustrack, driven by accelerating digital transformation, with the accompanying imperative to be truly customer-centric and deliver on healthcare professionals’ needs.”


Trustrack is a cloud-based software solution for the digital distribution of copyright and peer-reviewed content. It enables Pharma to build credible relationships with healthcare professionals by efficiently sharing the copyright scientific content they value, in a fully compliant way, via the customers’ preferred channel of communication.


Transparent communication of published scientific evidence has become increasingly important in the adoption and funding of therapeutics, which may have new mechanisms of action or significant advantages for the patient, over the current accepted standard. A new treatment may use a therapeutic pathway which was not trained, or even known, when the treating physician qualified. Trustrack enables sharing of published data behind the product which empowers both payers and prescribers to make informed choices.


Tangent 90’s Managing Director Peter West says, “We are excited to have brought Jan van den Burg on board as our CEO.  Trustrack has proved to be an essential digital solution for our customers in 2020 and Jan has the knowledge, skills and experience to take the business to the next level.  We really look forward to working with him.”


Tangent 90’s Chief Innovation Officer and co-founder, Richard Lucas comments, “In recent years we have been building our professional practice and sector-specific knowledge base to support customer success. Jan, brings a wealth of experience in digital transformation and strategic change to support the delivery of the enhanced approach to digital communications in the global pharmaceutical industry.”


Notes to Editors:


About Jan van den Burg


Jan van den Burg has over 20 years’ experience in the software and services industry, delivering solutions  to life sciences companies.


Prior to joining Veeva Systems, Jan was leading the Life Sciences Sales & Marketing group in IBM Global Business Services, engaging at strategic level with top 20 pharmaceutical companies on Customer Relationship Management, Closed Loop Marketing, Multi-Channel and Digital Marketing as well as Digital Asset Management. Before his tenure at IBM, Jan set up and ran the European business for Proscape Technologies, the then-leader in Closed Loop Marketing, successfully developing the market from inception, establishing the concept and leading the early implementations.


About Tangent 90


Founded in 2009, Tangent90 has evolved from a project-based software company into a trusted, global partner in cloud solutions for the pharmaceutical industry


Tangent90 is best known as the creators of Trustrack, the go-to software solution that enables Pharma to effectively share and manage peer-reviewed science, to drive virtual and meaningful engagement with healthcare professionals.




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